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Your workplace is the engine of your business. You need reliable and skilled employees who understand your requirements and are committed to rigor and productivity. And you need a diverse workforce that drives innovation, competitive advantage, and organizational effectiveness.

Autism2Work helps pair qualified candidates on the autism spectrum with carefully matched jobs in IT and business operations. We manage not only the recruiting, selection and training of autistic team members, but also the cultural integration, on-the-job supervision, skill development and performance management.

All CAI team members working with Autism2Work associates are trained and certified in autism as designated by the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES), the global leader in training professionals to work with individuals on the autism spectrum. These certifications were established to set industry standards and create a worldwide community of trained and knowledgeable professionals. IBCCES is the only training and certification program endorsed by the Autism Society of America. Autism2Work is committed to investing in the knowledge acquisition and skills development needed to improve the outcomes of the populations we serve.


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Finding the right people for the right job.

Autism2Work creates meaningful employment and workforce training for people on the autism spectrum. While the program supports individuals interested in the IT field who are eager to enter a work environment, it also supports the workplace itself, tailoring our unique employment model to your specific culture and business needs.

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Make your workplace a win-win.

By tapping the potential of a new talent pool, you can accomplish both your business goals and your workplace diversity goals. Let Autism2Work help you implement the required support structure to recruit, select and train the right people for your team. We can support team members on the client site or host the work at one of CAI’s locations.

Boost meaningful workplace diversity and boost productivity.

Many individuals on the autism spectrum share particular strengths, including attention to detail, a preference for repetitive work, a high level of concentration, perseverance, and superior problem-solving and pattern recognition abilities. Under the right conditions, individuals on the autism spectrum can be highly effective at work. In fact, studies and our own experience have shown that the performance of autistic individuals in certain functions often exceeds that of their neurotypical peers.

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Autism2Work Success Stories

Portrait of Sarah
Success Story

Meet Sarah

"An inclusive workplace is an educated workplace. If you’re in an educated workplace, you don’t have to be afraid to disclose that you ae on the autism spectrum. I don’t want to work somewhere I have to keep my wings down. A2W is somewhere I can spread them wide."

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Portrait of Nick
Success Story

Meet Nick

On day two of his new job, Nick began creating reports to monitor testing of custom applications for a large pharmaceutical company. The work leverages two of Nick’s strengths: the ability to see the big picture and the ability to break down the big picture intro individual steps.

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Portrait of Ryan
Success Story

Meet Ryan

When Ryan Lloyd graduated from St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, he immediately began looking for a job. But the days passed waiting for emails or phone calls that never came.

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We replace the traditional interview with an extensive evaluation, so candidates can showcase their talents in a supportive environment.

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Autism2Work team members attend extensive job readiness training to assess skills, competencies, fit and opportunities for growth. We provide hands-on training specific to work environments and project assignments, including quality assurance testing and agile and scrum methodologies as well as scenario-based training customized to your cultural and business requirements.

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Autism2Work provides ongoing support, coaching and consultation of new team members to ensure the successful integration and performance. You can leverage highly qualified local candidates without the upfront investment of implementing the required support structure.

Our Partner Organizations

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Success Story

For Health Insurer, Inclusivity Brings Big Benefits

When a large non-profit health insurer discovered a need for expanded capabilities in its IT team, it decided to take the opportunity to increase cognitive diversity and fill new roles with individuals diagnosed with autism. But to make the effort sustainable, it turned to Autism2Work to do the heavy lifting in terms of recruitment, training and workplace support. It knew Autism2Work would establish the right processes for integrating individuals on the autism spectrum into the workplace in a way that fit its culture and business needs. A2W worked closely with the company to identify areas that would benefit from the project – in this case, quality assurance, access control and mainframe development – and build productive teams that quickly proved they can handle multiple types of requests efficiently and error-free ahead of SLA timeframes. The A2W access management team today completes 50 percent of all security requests in the company though it makes up just 15 percent of the larger team. The quality assurance resources are programming in Java and working on leading-edge technology for testing automation, incorporating searches, data input and webpage reliability into a complex web-based system.

Common Questions

What type of employment is available?

We offer full-time and part-time positions depending on the location & project. We have roles including but not limited to; Data Analyst, Image Verifier, Quality Assurance Support Analyst, Operations Support Analyst, UAT Support Analyst, Junior Developer, and Business Support Analyst (scanning and indexing).


What are the requirements for employment in the program?

We require our candidates to have a high school diploma. Post-secondary education is preferred, but not required (some positions may require post-secondary education). We also look for an eagerness to work in applicants to the program.


In what locations do you have employment opportunities?

Currently, we have active markets in Illinois, Ohio, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Florida.


How does CAI accommodate the needs of autistic employees?

Every step of the way we seek to promote inclusion and support of our employees on the autism spectrum. Our process eliminates the traditional job interview which allows for a more relaxed environment for the candidate and CAI to evaluate skills and fit. All of our management and outreach teams have extensive training and are IBCCES certified.


How do I apply for a position in the Autism2Work Initiative?

We pride ourselves in our simple and supportive process here at CAI. To get started send your name, email address, phone number, and resume (if you have one) to


I have a question that wasn’t answered here, who can I contact

For all questions or requests for information, contact us at: 610-530-5060 or email us at:

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