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The Future is Automation

Automating the service desk for self-service and faster outcomes

The service desk is a labor-intensive business. Organizations have attempted to reduce the cost of the service desk by offshoring lower-cost resources. But the results have been mixed, with some organizations pulling operations back onshore or nearshore. With a tight labor market, you need to find new ways to increase the efficiency of every employee. Automation is one of the smartest investments for service desk operations. Developing automated tools and processes helps service desk operators complete calls faster and enable customer self-service. Mature automation also reduces errors that contribute to customer frustration. CAI can help you discover the potential of service desk automation.

Transforming to an Automated Service Desk

Automated Chatbots

Chatbots are popping up to assist with customer service, and service desk operations are not an exception. Many of the automated functions like password reset can be handled through a self-service chatbot. The service request is managed without a person engaging in the process.

CAI has implemented AI-driven chatbots to help our clients reduce the cost of service delivery and the workload on call center employees.

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Not every process is ideal for a chatbot and may require more interaction with backend systems. RPA conducts manual steps in a repeatable automated process. The tools are improving to help manage complex logic, making more processes candidates for automation.

CAI is leading the charge with RPA implementations, helping our clients save time and money. And, more importantly, getting people back to work faster.

AI Is The Future of Service Desk

AI and machine learning have the potential to revolutionize how the service desk operates. It can update standard scripts and resolutions based on existing calls. Or other applications where AI supports the processes not updated because of the sheer volume.

CAI is working to make AI a reality in the call center to help keep costs lower and improve end-user satisfaction!

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