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It Starts with a Solid Foundation

People, process, and tools

Enterprise success is a combination of components working in harmony. Improving the efficiency of a service desk starts with the right foundation. The ServiceNow service management platform enables an ecosystem of capabilities and partner applications. We also partner with solutions including HP Service Manager, BMC Remedy, and others to help clients with specific implementations. CAI leverages the full extent of ServiceNow and other standard platforms to provide the tools and process automation to provide superior end-user satisfaction and reduce costs. Our service desk clients get the benefits of service management platforms without having to manage the details.

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Simplify the Process

Service management platforms are sophisticated software solutions, but many organizations have poor or over-engineered processes or don't scope requirements correctly. If you need a Ph.D. to understand the flow, how will your service desk personnel know what to do?

There is elegance in creating simple and logical processes. Regardless of the tooling, we help our clients engineer and streamline workflows to increased productivity.

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Automation is a Standard Practice

Service management platforms provide capabilities to automate manual functions. Automation reduces the workload of the service desk employee by reducing the time required to complete common service requests. According to Gartner, "Automation and AI will reduce employee requirements by 65%." Identifying and implementing automation drives cost out of the system, improves employee efficiency, and increases resolutions times. This is the CAI advantage.

Partner with a Great Team

Today, we all have more to do than we have bandwidth to do it. Every day should not be a fire drill. Our service management team takes the burden of managing the service desk and the reporting. Let us maintain the "day-to-day," so you can fight the more strategic fires on the to-do list.

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