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Transparency and Value

Effective Patient Outcomes

With the focus on cost of healthcare and quality of service, insurers are under the microscope of employers, government agencies, and the public. Healthcare costs and premiums rose 6% in 2019 after two years of flat spending. Value-based contracts share risk between providers and patients, and programs such as telemedicine and urgent care facilities are changing the landscape. Insurers need to reduce operating costs to protect the bottom line while delivering greater transparency across the healthcare ecosystem. CAI can help you streamline your business and digital operations, eliminating manual processes, focusing on value, and implementing advanced technology to discover new opportunities.

Transformation of Health Insurance

Operations that Work for You

Many insurers are burdened by legacy systems, outdated processes, and siloed data. To support the changing healthcare ecosystem, insurers must take a critical look at their business and technology operations. Remaining competitive in the healthcare market requires cost model changes that enable more innovation and thought leadership. CAI has decades of expertise in providing advisory and technology services to reduce operational costs and help clients reduce spending up to 40%.

Hyper-automation and Intelligence

Insurance companies are transaction-driven, and large volumes of data stress inefficient processes. This data contains insights and opportunities to discover new trends, cost efficiencies, and potential fraud. Organizations must move to a data-first mindset to deliver the information necessary to drive change. CAI helps eliminate manual processes and find hidden insights in data through robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, and data management services.

Discover Autism2Work

Finding resources with today's record-low unemployment rate is forcing insurers to get creative. Insurers are looking to tap into new pools of resources to help supplement an aging workforce. CAI's A2W program helps insurers engage a new resource pool leveraging the capabilities of people diagnosed with ASD.

Advisory Services that Make a Difference

Large-scale transformations require extensive planning and organizational change management. Providers are looking to partner with organizations that understand the multi-faceted challenges between commercial and government operations. With decades of experience, CAI helps organizations navigate these channels by supporting business and government partners through strategic planning, project management, and organizational change management services.

Transformative Services for Health Insurers

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Analytics

AI and analytics are game-changing technologies with the potential to change the way providers identify new market segments and eliminate fraud, waste, and abuse. Advanced systems can help deliver better patient outcomes and reduce costs. CAI can help you accelerate your transformation and achieve your targeted outcomes.

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Staff Augmentation

Access to professional resources that assist in policy and data analysis, grant management, project management support, and digital services.

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Service Desk

The service desk is a necessary part of any technology organization and is the face of IT. CAI's service desk methodology helps organizations "shift left" to focus on resolving the first call. This improves first-call resolution by more than 90% and reduces the cost of escalating to expensive resources.

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Business and Digital Advisory Services

Providers need partners that provide a wide-range of services. Whether you are building a digital roadmap or implementing a large-scale initiative, CAI can provide an experienced team of subject matter experts to lay the foundation for future success.

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Intelligent Automation

Reduce repetitive actions through robotic process automation, thereby eliminating costs while freeing up valuable resources to help achieve your organization's mission and vision. Technology has advanced to support streamlined business operations leading to faster service delivery.

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