Program Implementation and Operations

End-to-end Management from Operations to the Field

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Activating your Strategy

Transforming Your Operational Models to Innovate

Citizens, stakeholders, and politicians are expecting more: convenience, connectivity, and seamless integration. Your strategy aligns with the new demands, but operations must pivot to enable new technology, modernize legacy systems, and implement field services. CAI partners with clients to streamline processes and implement end-to-end change, beginning with the end in mind. Our transportation and tolling expertise extends from the back office to field operations. The CAI methodology is technology-agnostic and drives predictable, continuous improvement to support ever-increasing expectations.

Operational Support Services

Field Operations

Transportation and tolling organizations are charged with serving wide geographies that rely on urban, rural, rail, and mass transit operations. Your agency needs a skilled and experienced partner to support and integrate decentralized operations, people, and systems. CAI provides the expertise to integrate transportation-specific technologies, tolling systems, passenger-fare collection solutions, and much more. We simplify and connect the field to respond to growing demands.

Technology Integration

Emerging technologies like plate readers, facial recognition, artificial intelligence, automation, and new solutions are streamlining how citizens interface with transportation and tolling systems, traffic management, and cloud-based mobile solutions. The integration of technology and process improvements are crucial to supporting the safe travel of the future. CAI partners with agencies to develop integration, rollout plans, and operational strategies to realize the benefits of technology.

IT Operations

Streamlining your IT operations is more critical now than ever before. Layering new technology on an inefficient operational model will only create chaos and confusion. Your critical staff is saddled with the burden of managing legacy solutions and are struggling to shift their focus away from outdated thinking and technology. CAI partners with your employees to support the shift from maintenance to innovation with a proven continuous improvement process.

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End to End Management from Operations to the Field

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