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IT Asset Management Services by CAI | ITAM Consulting Strategy for IT Hardware & Software Assets

CAI offers best-in-class and customized (on-site and virtual) IT asset management services and ITAM consulting for both hardware and software assets.


New Log4J Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities Identified

Take these steps to protect your business and prevent future cyber attacks.


New TSA Cybersecurity Directives for Passenger and Freight Railroads

Here’s why it’s happening, and how you can meet the requirements.

The Value of Meaningful Employment for Neurodiverse Talent

Find out how CAI matches neurodivergent individuals to careers in IT.

Inclusion of Automation in Service Desk – Is This The New Trend 2022?

The Service Desk is becoming future-ready with automation and artificial intelligence, making for better customer experience and higher productivity.


Water Sector Short on Funds, High on Threats

Understanding the severe lack of federal funding for U.S. water facilities’ cybersecurity, CAI offers five questions to help you evaluate your cyber posture.


5 Cyber Security Threats & Attacks that Push Every Enterprise into a Panic Mode

5 most threatening and trending cyber security threats that push companies into panic mode. Latest cyber attack stats are included.


How to Prevent Phishing in Cybersecurity

Wondering how to prevent phishing in cybersecurity? Here are few notable practices that can help.

IT professionals writing down analysis after digitally analyzing it on flash screen

Untapped Talent Can Transform the Cybersecurity Workforce

Explore how businesses can transform their cybersecurity workforce by using an untapped talent pool of skilled neurodivergent individuals.

Ripple effect of digitalization and artificial intelligence
RPA, Intelligent Automation

What Is RPA and Why Is Everyone Still Talking About It?

What exactly is RPA? Interest in robotic process automation (RPA) continues to grow as it proves it can save time and money in business units across the enterprise.

Flash board showcasing digital security data protection concept

How Local Governments Can Get Ahead of Their Threat Opponents

CAI was interviewed by the Center for Digital Government about common cyber attacks and how any size government institution can prevent them with a strong cybersecurity partner/strategy.

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Press Release

VITA Hires 6000 Technical Contractors with CAI

Virginia Information Technologies Agency hires CAI, a managed services provider (MSP), to reduce admin tasks, costs, and internal resources, supporting over 700 projects.

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How to Build a Successful Neurodiversity Employment Program

Three steps to help organizations improve their hiring, onboarding, and retention efforts so they can create a more innovative and productive workforce.

Diversified application significance of artificial intelligence
RPA, Intelligent Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) | Market Size and Growth in 2021

A look at the growing RPA market and how intelligent automation can benefit your business.

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Press Release

CAI Earns the Top Score on Disability:IN’s 2021 Disability Equality Index

CAI, an innovative business technology services firm, today announced it received the maximum score possible on the 2021 Disability Equality Index® (DEI) and has been recognized as a “Best Place to Work for Disability Inclusion” by Disability:IN.

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Deploying IT Security Governance to Address Cyber Threats

Aggressive and damaging cyber-attacks, especially those involving ransomware, have dominated the news in the first half of 2021. Whether it has been gasoline shortages along the East coast of the United States, potential beef shortages, or delays in critical transportation, the impacts of such attacks to organizations and the economy cannot be overstated.

Front desk executive

Measuring Success at the Service Desk in a New Way

Last year, we published our predictions about what CIOs can expect from their service desks over the next five years. We explored the impact of recent advances in technology on the service desk. Data at the time showed contact numbers were on a downward trend – and we predicted that they would continue to decrease.

The white house

Breakdown of the Presidential Cyber Executive Order

Last week, President Biden signed an executive order on improving the cybersecurity posture of the United States. Faced with the constant threat of breaches and ransomware attacks, the nation’s highest office has decided to put into law a cybersecurity compliance initiative.

After clicking on phishing email

Distracted by Phishing: 5 Steps Employees Can Take to Reduce Cyber Risk

As we head to the other side of the pandemic, we can look back and see a year marked with a number of major cybersecurity events. The FBI reported that cybercrime increased by 300% in 2020. Cyber criminals were even successful in compromising well-known technology firms like Microsoft, FireEye and Solar Winds. Even the most advanced organizations, including cyber security companies, are not immune to attacks.

Construction work

3 Security Strategies for Municipal Utilities and Critical Infrastructure

On February 5, 2021, an attacker compromised a water plant in Florida. They attempted to poison the water supply by changing the level of sodium hydroxide (or lye) in the water to more than 100 times the normal amount. The change was immediately detected by a plant operator, who changed the levels back before the attack had any impact on the system.

Work from home

Remote Work: An Opportunity to Neuro-diversify Your Workforce

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March 2020, nearly everyone who could work from home was asked to do so. This was true for teams of people who typically work closely together testing software and solving IT quality assurance issues as well. What these teams normally do in conventional offices in buildings across the country, they needed to do at home, in separate workspaces — ready or not.

Cyber security is essential for any organization

The Three Components of Cybersecurity Strategy

Recent events have brought the risk of cyber threat to the forefront for both business and the U.S. government. A 2020 study from the Ponemon Institute explains that it takes 207 days on average to identify a breach and another 73 days to contain it.

Data analytics

Doing Business in the Cloud Without Costs Going Through the Roof

Migrating your business to the cloud can be costly, especially if you don’t have a strategic plan to approach the migration. Both business and IT must thoughtfully consider what they want to move to the cloud and how to avoid making costly mistakes. As we all know too well, any technical challenge can be overcome by throwing money at it. But that doesn’t make for a sensible cloud migration strategy. Mapping a strategy before you begin your migration will put you in a far better position to optimize your cloud investments without breaking the bank.

Cloud cost optimizer

Top 10 Questions about the CAI Cloud Cost Optimizer

CAI Cloud Cost Optimizer (C3O) is an on-premises solution providing a single view to enable cloud cost optimization and monitoring. It unifies usage data across providers and platforms and converts them into actionable insights.

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Press Release

Northern Trust Obtains Hard-to-Find Technical Talent for Business Intelligence Analysis & Decision Making with CAI’s Autism2Work Program

Autism-focused national disability-inclusive employment initiative increases workplace productivity.

Coding tricks for automation

6 Coding Tricks to Maximize your UiPath Automation

The demand for robotic process automation (RPA) is astonishing and, in turn, the demand for RPA developers to develop automations quicker and with fewer flaws is greater than ever before. In the constant quest for maximizing the benefits of automation, companies often turn to RPA developers to implement new functionality.

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Bringing and Supporting Neurodiversity to the Workplace

How to bring neurodiversity to the workplace? An insightful article by Sherri Craig from the CAI A2W team

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Top 10 Reasons to Consider a New Model for Contract Staffing

The best ideas often come from re-configuring what already exists. Removing the points of friction is what can make it new and refreshing to the user. Flexible Contract Staffing is one example. This new model takes a fresh approach to engaging IT contract labor.

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CAI Cares

The CAI Community: Continuing to Be a Force for Good during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Since our inception in 1981, CAI has had a passion for helping local communities. From mentoring students in regional schools, to partnering with non-profits like Easterseals, Ronald McDonald Houses, and local food banks, and donating to local blood centers, CAI associates are always ready to jump in and give of themselves. We call this companywide mission CAI Cares.

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Consider Neurodiversity as a Facet of Your Inclusion Advantage

There is a common misconception that embracing neurodiverse individuals as part of your organization’s diversity employment program would require extensive time and effort. What we’ve found repeatedly is that, while the approach to neurodiversity should be carefully planned, it is certainly worthwhile.


Service Desk 2025: What We Can Expect

Today, game-changing advances in technologies, a new generation of end-users, rising labor costs, and shifting metrics demand that CIOs reconsider how they measure their success. Robotic Process Automation (RPA), chatbots, artificial intelligence (AI), and other rapidly maturing technologies have already lowered the number of cases that require service desk attention, opening the door for forward-thinking managers to trim budgets, free-up resources for other IT projects, and resolve more cases.


Top 10 Ways to Improve First-level Resolution Rates

Even in these challenging times, the service desk is the face of IT. It sets the standard for customer experience and has a profound impact on organizational productivity. Under normal circumstances and today, high first-level resolution (FLR) is the goal. This is how we measure success – how quickly and effectively the service desk can resolve an issue on the first call. It’s in times like these that organizations need to get back to the basics and focus on improving their FLR.

A Californian city at sunset

Public Sector Agencies Staff Up Quickly for Critical IT Projects

While public sector agencies adjust to remote work, increased paperwork, and unprecedented numbers of citizens facing unemployment, they also must move forward on critical IT projects that have been in the pipeline or that directly address the recent surge in demand for services. Keeping up with growing needs is already a challenge, but with a procurement staff stretched extra thin, agencies need a path that will guarantee positive outcomes with as little resistance as possible.

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The How and Why of a ServiceNow® Roadmap

Less than half of ServiceNow customers report having a strategic roadmap. They are not sure where to begin. Problem is, without one, you are not doing your company justice, because you will have nothing to measure against for success.

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CAI Supporting Feeding America’s COVID-19 Response Fund with $100K Donation

Computer Aid, Inc. (CAI). a privately held business technology services firm with offices throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, today announced its support of Feeding America through a $100,000 contribution to the COVID-19 Response Fund. CAI’s support helps Feeding America meet the needs of millions of Americans who are turning to food banks for much-needed support as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Flowchart of RPA exception handling, zoomed card image

RPA Exception Handling: Be in Control or Be Controlled

RPA exception handling. A definitive guide to writing exceptions in RPA development.

Distressed professional thinking about overwhelming technology
Intelligent Automation

AI is Everywhere. Should You Give a $!@%?

Do you ever worry that someone – or something – is pulling the strings on the tech giants and investors today? Perhaps an intelligent machine engineering its own world domination? The money pouring into development of artificial intelligence might suggest such a plot.

Overhead view of highways with over and under passageways, transportation

Transportation Takes the Tech Road

As technology continues to change the way we live and work, today’s enterprises face the challenge of discerning which investments are right for them. CAI is a solution-based, technology-agnostic business, which means we are not constrained by a catalogue of products, and we don’t believe in technology for technology’s sake. This allows us to meld together the best tools, services and processes to deliver the right solutions for our public and private clients. We bring innovative ideas to life!

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8 Best Practices for RPA Programming - Guide for RPA Developers

List of 8 RPA programming best practices for RPA developers in order to achieve maximum effectiveness of their RPA or uiPath code.

Professional attracted towards various goals, Image

Innovation: A Leap of Faith or Just a lot of Hard Work?

Every time I hear the word innovation nowadays, I exercise the deepest emotional eye roll and feel the distinct urge to run toward the closest proverbial cliff. Occasionally, I am pleasantly surprised, but most of the time, the eye roll and cliff-jumping are justified.

Illustration of a person in distress looking at his burning office garden, AI metaphor card image

How to Think About Artificial Intelligence

We love metaphors. Our art and daily dialogue are full of them. They help us understand new and complicated ideas. Love is a battlefield. The truth is a hard pill to swallow. Life is a roller coaster.

ALTR logo
Press Release

ALTR and CAI Team Up on Blockchain Security

ALTR and CAI team up to offer enterprise-ready blockchain-based data-security platform as a managed service.

Image of two people in a conversation near a line of humanoid robots
Intelligent Automation

The Bot Bother: Thinking Rationally about Automation

Many organizations today think of themselves as late-comers to the automation party if they don’t already have a raft of bots working around the clock in the back office. Like in any new market, there is a time for stepping out and a time for holding back.

FMCG goods collected during CAI Care summer drive
CAI Cares

CAI Cares Lehigh Valley Supports Keystone Military Families

This summer the CAI Cares Lehigh Valley Chapter selected our summer drive to benefit Keystone Military Families “Care Packages to Soldiers”.

A group of people having discussion
CAI Cares

CAI Awards More Than $400K to Nonprofit Organizations Across Pennsylvania

Computer Aid, Inc. (CAI) is pleased to announce it is awarding 10 instructional technology grants, four enrichment program grants, and 52 student scholarships to nonprofit organizations for the 2019–2020 school year. The awards come from the CAI Cares’ community relations initiative Education4Kids and total more than $400,000.

Smiling lady

State Streamlines Professional Licensing

A division in a mid-Atlantic state oversees the regulation of licensing to professionals and business entities to ensure the protection of the public’s health, safety, and welfare. To this end, the division maintains a licensing database to provide the public with vital licensure information, notify licensees of renewal periods and continuing education requirements, and help other state and federal agencies accomplish their missions.

Frequency Waves

A Digital Innovation Strategy to Scale Tech Stack for Value

CAI is a national digital transformation consulting firm that can lead your IT team to digital innovation. We take a best-fit, rather than license-driven approach to your automation needs – balancing value and cost to help you save money and reallocate resources to higher-value activities.

One bulb "ON" like an idea striking

A Fresh Idea for Contract Labor to Get the Best IT Talent On-Demand

Companies are re-imagining all aspects of business, especially around managing resources - a virtual workforce and risk management being top of mind. The trend of Contract Labor, coined the "gig economy", continues to rise. According to a recent article in Forbes, "36% of American adults engage in some sort of gig work. And labor trends at enterprise companies suggest that the gig economy has a lot of room to expand: fully two-thirds of major companies are using freelance contracts to lower their labor costs." Naturally, with the overall trend on an upswing, using contract labor in IT is also increasing.


CAI Joins ServiceNow's Elite Partner Program Segment

Computer Aid, Inc. (CAI) today announced its transition to the ServiceNow Elite Partner Program segment. ServiceNow’s global partner segment framework is designed to determine how well a Partner strategically supports ServiceNow’s goal of $10 billion and beyond, as well as a Partner’s ability to successfully deliver specific customer outcomes. CAI’s transition to the Elite partner status recognizes achievements in the ServiceNow partner assessment methodology, which focuses on the 4Cs (committed capacity, competency, customer success and capability) and go-to-market maturity.

Girl carrying soap bubbles, CAI gives back

Investing in Future Generations

CAI gives back. We've awarded over $500,000 to non-profit education partners in 2020 to provide ways for children to learn via our Eduction4Kids program. We help children reach beyond their goals.

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The ABCs of the Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

The CMDB is a popular topic these days. Everyone needs it. Few can explain it. Fewer can justify it. Software vendors developed products to support the ITIL process for Configuration Management. Analysts use terms like "federation" and "reconciliation" to help explain the gaps and benefits. Despite this awareness, the adoption of a CMDB has not kept pace with the market.

Colorful lines

Identify Your Current State of Information Delivery

Companies today find themselves awash in data, with much more yet to come. IDC estimates the Global Datasphere will jump to 175 ZB by 2025 from 50.5 ZB in 2020. Yet business managers often struggle to transform that data into profit.

Closing the information loop across your organization

Closing the Information Loop Across Your Organization

We know that data-driven organizations make much better, more consistent, and highly repeatable decisions. They respond faster to shifting customer preferences. They generate profit improvements through greater efficiencies. It’s no surprise that 98% of company leaders aspire to achieve a data-driven culture, according to New Vantage Partners.

Analytics Blue

Adapting to the Lasting Impact of COVID-19 on Your Information Needs

How has COVID-19 affected all organizations in some manner, and for data and analytics, how it can bring about positive lasting change? This session taught that the key is to embrace the changes and enable it within our culture, people, processes, and technology. By putting more emphasis on data and analytics practices, organizations can drive better business outcomes and add value. The last tip, and possibly the most challenging is to take the time to do the work now, so you are prepared for whatever comes next.

Big Data Blue

Envisioning Your Ideal Modern-day Architecture – What to Consider

What are the top considerations for building a sustainable data architecture? There were three key takeaways from this session. First, begin with the end in mind to clearly define your data management/architecture goals and objectives. Next, define the “4Ps” of data governance: people, policy, process, and practice. Last, future-proof your data architecture using governance, cloud solutions and AI/ML and Data-as-a-Service.

DNA Big Data

Enhancing Your Data & Analytics Environment with AI/ML

Analytics are not just tools, they are your best kept secret against the market competition. The name of the game is getting better data insights, faster. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) can help you get there, but only after you identify the right use-cases for your organization and gain executive buy-in. Learn how your organization can enhance your data & analytics strategy.

Brown Big Data

Enabling Self-service Delivery to Meet the Immediate Need for Remote Knowledge

This event will focus on how to create a thriving self-service analytics function. Building on the principles of trust, understanding the importance of a semantic layer, ensuring good outcomes and the role of the API. Learn how to match up tools to your user's needs whether they are a casual consumer of data or a power analyst or data scientist.

Discussing about the project plan

5 Secrets a Cybersecurity Audit Can Reveal

A cybersecurity audit or assessment is a comprehensive analysis and testing of an enterprises’ existing IT infrastructure, policies, and procedures. An audit ensures regulatory adherence and identifies and prevents cyber threats and policy mishaps among other things.

Team talk

Cybersecurity for Beginners: 5 Answers about the Job Market

Cybersecurity for beginners. Learn about the training, courses, and cybersecurity certifications that are required for making cybersecurity a career choice.

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