Even during a period of growth, the right approach at the service desk can increase resolution speed, strengthen customer experience and reduce costs.

This utility services company began pruning trees around power and telephone lines with secondhand axes and crosscut saws in the 1920s. Today, the company employs more than 30,000 professionals around the world. As a full-time service utility contractor, it performs tree pruning and removals, right-of-way clearing and maintenance, vegetation management and emergency storm work and logistical support. 

On any given day, thIT Service Desk at this company is a hub of activity – as it is for most large organizations. And, when the company began to detect an uptick in incidents during a period of growth, it also saw the accompanying trend lines that showed a drop in customer satisfaction, a lag in resolution times and rising costs. But it was critical to the company’s mission to build an employee experience that exemplified its “anytime anywhere” mantra. 

The company reached out to CAI to make sure its service desk stayed laser focused on the customer. CAI conducted a careful knowledge-transfer process that helped identify opportunities to resolve more incidents at Level 1 and built an exchange program between Level 1 and Level 2 teams to build trust and identify shift-left opportunities.

Since turning to the CAI solution, the company’s service desk has decreased overall support costs, increased resolution speed and strengthened customer experience. Despite an acquisition that meant the average number of contacts per month went up – and despite the fact that the industry average service desk resolution is just 70 percent – the new service desk resolution rate soared from 60 to 96 percent. And, in the meantime, the company saved more than a million dollars.