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The second wave of public, private, and hybrid cloud services has arrived.

Cloud computing is helping many organizations transform their IT practices, but the technology’s flexibility also means that new features and functions are being released too fast for companies to keep up. Unlike traditional technologies that would see a company largely commit to a single vendor, best practices for cloud strategy suggest utilizing several vendors – giving you even more to stay on top of.

Why leverage the cloud?

As organizations look for ways to better utilize the cloud for cost savings and scale or to test new features and functions without threat to the rest of the infrastructure, there are challenges at every turn. CAI’s long history of application support and migration makes us an ideal partner for getting you to the cloud or giving your current strategy and environment an overhaul.

Cloud technology opens many doors at every level of business, but organizations moving forward without sound strategies and partners will not see the success and savings that the cloud can provide. Regardless of the motivation to move, a strong technology partner is critical to leveraging the cloud to transform your business.

Cost Containment

Making services available only when you need them typically saves organizations 10 – 25%.


New environments can be spun up much faster when bundling compute, networking, and storage together.


Colocation services and containers make it easy for organizations to be portable from one provider to another, without loss of service.

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