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Fast track your business agility and get ahead of the competition.

Responding to the market in the digital era requires moving at light speed. Traditional software  development methods  are too slow – and aligning business and product managers requires a cultural shift that can be challenging.

CAI helps organizations on their agile transformation. We provide the tools, processes, expertise and change management you need to take advantage of the rapidly changing digital world. Organizations that work with CAI’s Agile Transformation services typically decrease their software delivery lifecycles by 25 percent or more – and free up their teams for innovation.

Accelerate your time to market.

Increasing velocity – moving faster in the right direction – requires an organization to not only embrace the tenets of agility in theory but to put it into practice so groups across the organization can deliver a continuous flow of value. Aligning business and product management with the agile delivery model means creating shared transparency, continuous learning and improved performance, but it also means putting culture first. CAI identifies the obstacles on the agile journey and coaches organizations through the change process, so they can deliver value faster – and with real business outcomes. ​

Improve customer satisfaction.

To meet the constantly evolving needs of today’s customers, you need a workplace that promotes rapid decision-making and supports dynamic cross-functional teams. Organizational agility allows an enterprise to approach problem-solving and value creation in a new way, improve visibility into performance and integrate external partners directly into the value creation system. CAI helps organizations become seasoned in agile delivery by using proven methods, constantly monitoring feedback and continuously improving output.

Increase profitability.

Agile organizations that embed a shared purpose and vision across the enterprise can create more value for their customers and rapidly detect and seize opportunities in the market. CAI can help you orchestrate the tools and expertise you need to build an agile architecture, carry out application re-engineering, and implement automation that enables product innovation – all while saving the costs typically required of an agile transformation.​

Success Story: Large Insurance Company

A large insurance company with more than 55 offices around the globe needed to be more agile so it could take advantage of opportunities in the market. But it didn’t know how to best prepare its teams to work in a fundamentally new way. CAI redesigned the organization so teams could work in agile groups to accelerate time to market and provided customized training that included coaching for the company’s executives. Since its agile transformation, the company has both improved the quality of its products and increased its speed to market.  

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