Technology at the heart of manufacturing.

Improving chemical manufacturing doesn’t stop with automation.

As chemical manufacturing companies continue to adapt to the digital world, they are adopting technology at an unprecedented rate. Connecting products, equipment, staff, and customers is a challenging undertaking for any industry. It means keeping the systems that have always run the business operational and adaptive, while simultaneously implementing cutting edge technologies that fundamentally change the way work is done.

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of major industry initiatives are technology-focused

Drive innovation with technology

In order to meet global demand in emerging markets, the chemical industry’s focus heavily emphasizes technology deployments.

CAI is a technology partner that can help chemical manufacturers successfully move into their next industrial revolution. From systems optimization and support to IoT and Analytics, CAI is the strategic technology partner that transforms business.

Just like any established industry, chemical manufacturing is susceptible to disruptive technology. Early adopters who are adapting their business to realize the value in things like automation, IoT, security, and mobility are protecting themselves against that threat. CAI can be the technology partner who helps you stay ahead of those challenges and secure in your market.

CAI's areas of focus


Process automation systems are being more widely deployed to help plants improve production techniques and improve safety.

Internet of Things

IoT is being deployed aggressively by the biggest players in the industry, and as implementation costs drop, more manufacturers can realize benefits from data collection at a massive scale.


Making equipment and machinery “smart” means increased security threats. Chemical manufacturers need to rely on strong technology partners to protect their systems and data from outside threats.


With strong mobile technology deployments, managers are seeing benefits from IoT in being able to access data from anywhere in real-time, effectively letting them control an entire production line remotely or collect up-to-the-minute demand forecasts.


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