Service Desk

A great service desk does more than just answer the phones quickly.

A great service desk helps lower costs, increase productivity, and facilitate innovation.

CAI can help your organization drive down the total cost of support while improving the overall experience of your customers.

It's common sense that the more quickly you can resolve an issue, the less it costs; an issue that needs to be escalated requires more people and more time. What's less obvious is the lost productivity that comes with escalated issues. CAI Service Desk ensures your issues are addressed quickly so your employees stay focused.

cost increase in issue resolution when it escalates beyond the first level
industry average for first-level resolution rate

Lower costs

Resolving issues quickly without escalating them beyond the service desk is critical to providing a great experience for customers and containing support costs.

Increase productivity

Through the use of self-service and self-help technologies, we empower support clients to resolve their own issues and requests. The end result is more satisfied customers.

Drive IT innovation

With the right analysis, your service desk contacts are a treasure trove of insight. Identifying trends and common issues helps to proactively transform your IT organization.

Why CAI's Service Desk?

All day, every day

Our staff is here for you all day every day so that your end users are never stuck waiting for support.


Need to support end users in a number of languages? No problem. Our staff can provide support in multiple languages other than English, including Spanish, French, Portuguese, and many more.

Expert staffing

We recruit and train top-notch service desk professionals who are able to support a wide range of software and hardware. Whether you simply need help with basic requests or supporting a suite of your own custom applications, we provide a team of smart, friendly professionals.

Flexible options

We work with you to build the right staffing model for your needs. Whether it is a dedicated on-site group or a shared team located at our Delaware Valley office, we can assemble the right people at the right place to support your organization.


Want to learn more?

One of our experts can help provide a better understanding of how CAI can help your organization with its specific challenges. We'd love to talk.

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