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How would your company benefit from an ESM Health Check?

CAI’s enterprise service management (ESM) Health Check includes a comprehensive analysis of your entire IT operation in relation to your business goals. Post-analysis, you will receive a customized roadmap including a remediation plan to execute along the way.

Watch the video below to see how an ESM Health Check can help you identify and prioritize the steps in overcoming your infrastructure challenges. Sign up today to get started.

ESM Health Check benefits

Customized roadmap

To meet your business goals

Remediation plan

To mitigate risks, manage costs, and minimize vulnerabilities

Better understanding of your IT asset management list

So you can pivot quickly to modernize applications in the rapidly changing world of technology

More efficient IT budgeting and spending

As well as a confirmation that you are using IT best practices

What's included in a CAI ESM Health Check?

  1. A comprehensive analysis of your IT operation
  2. Identification of any immediate risks or priority areas for remediation
  3. Understanding of your overall business objectives and growth plans, with respect to current/future IT operations and assets
  4. Evaluation of current state, future state, and gap analysis
  5. Presentation of findings and recommendations in a customized roadmap

group of business professionals working in a meeting room
young manager working on laptop

What areas of information are assessed?

  • Hardware
  • Connectivity
  • Tools and technology
  • Data storage, movement
  • Teams, people, skills, processes
  • Policies and procedures
  • Known issues and risks
  • Exposure

CAI can help you identify and prioritize the steps in overcoming your infrastructure challenges. Get an ESM Health Check to begin your path to eliminate redundancy, improve visibility, and optimize scale.

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