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We power the possible around the world by bringing digital services to clients and communities with our CAI offices in India and the Philippines.

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Bringing digital services to clients around the world

CAI-STA Philippines, Inc., is CAI's Manila Solution Center located in McKinley Hill, Taguig City; a premier business district in the Philippines. CAI-STA started in 1998 as CAI's partner to provide quality information technology development and consulting services. Since then, it has provided IT services to local and foreign clients from various industries, government, and commercial sectors. CAI-STA is committed to helping organizations drive value, improve productivity, and enhance customer experience. With the service of a highly-skilled, flexible, and dependable talents, CAI-STA delivers excellent quality output and performance. With our expertise in more than two decades in the IT industry, we're continuously growing and expanding markets. This is why CAI-STA is one of the go-to, trusted, and long-term partners of local and international clients.

CAI's India development center is located primarily in Bangalore, Karnataka. CAI India celebrates the same vision, passion, and culture defined by CAI in the United States, and strives to deliver outcomes and results that make a true difference to clients. The CAI India team is a group of highly-skilled and passionate associates, fueling the growth of the company with their knowledge and experience. With the right mix of both global and local clients across various industry verticals, CAI is steadily expanding its presence in India.