Building the digital factory and closed loop supply chain

CAI drives efficiency and cost improvement in manufacturing processes and supply chain with its technology and IT solutions for Supply Chain and manufacturing verticals.


The push to digitize is driving innovation in every corner of the supply chain and manufacturing industries. Factories and logistics organizations are increasing transparency and connectivity with customers. CAI drives digital innovation and operational efficiency throughout the manufacturing and delivery processes.

Powering the possible with Manufacturing and Retail

Kevin Garbacik, CAI Client Partner, discusses the need for manufacturing and retail companies to adopt modern technology and innovation to keep them competitive in a digital first business world. At the same time, they’re facing supply chain disruption and labor shortages. Maximizing the value of your business applications by increasing technologies and connectivity with CAI’s talent and expertise will help them face these challenges.

Improving operations

Customers want more visibility into the manufacturing process. Improving operational effectiveness starts with prioritizing systems, enhancements, and new functionality based on business value.

Embracing new technology

Advanced analytics, AI, and automation can dramatically improve operational efficiency, generate insight into trends, and ease manual and time-consuming tasks.

Filling the resource gap

Many manufacturing and supply chain organizations lack the skills to leverage operational improvement and new technologies. An important step in embracing digital is addressing this skills gap.

Our capabilities

Technology and IT services and solutions for Manufacturing

Manufacturers are adopting digital technologies to increase efficiency, reduce costs, remain competitive, and improve time to market. The competitive factory of the future is built on hyper-automation, IoT, and AI.

worker using technology application to check the inventory in a warehouse

The roadmap to digital manufacturing

To compete in a global market, legacy systems and mindsets must transform. CAI helps organizations take a fresh look at these crucial factors, address the skills gap, and prioritize processes and systems for a connected ecosystem.

Hyper-rationalization of operations

Legacy systems, processes, and culture must morph to an approach that prioritizes enhancements, upgrades, and new applications. This shift enables core personnel and systems to focus on innovation and redirect maintenance and operations budgets. CAI clients achieve up to 40% improvement in operational efficiency.

Efficiency through technology

Manufacturers are innovating on the assembly line, in just-in-time inventory, and with robotics on the shop floor. The opportunity for growth can be found with advanced analytics, AI, automation, and IoT. CAI delivers transparency throughout the manufacturing process while improving efficiency and reducing costs.

Finding the right skills

One of the biggest challenges for manufacturers is finding the right skills and institutional knowledge to implement new technologies. CAI helps manufacturers free up core resources with knowledge of the existing processes, techniques, and systems to partner with people who have the right skills.

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IT Services for Supply chain

Customers expect goods to be delivered in days, not weeks, with the ability to track every step along the way. Digital solutions can transform planning and routing, and AI and predictive analytics will help supply chains identify valuable cost and time savings, enhance efficiency and create a closed-loop process.

Digital process improvement

Supply chain organizations need to leverage AI and predictive analytics to improve efficiency. CAI can help drive innovation, improve current processes through automation, and eliminate redundancy in processes and systems to close the loop and improve customer experience.

Artificial intelligence drives efficiency

Supply chain organizations have an opportunity to improve efficiency by leveraging new tools like AI, advanced analytics, and machine learning. Transitioning from old-school route planning and logistics will pay dividends in the form of valuable insights and cost savings.

Process improvement through automation

Eliminating manual and redundant tasks in the fulfillment process can reduce delivery times, errors, and costs. If implemented correctly, automation drives cost out of the system and creates the closed-loop process that customers demand.

Improving application management

Eliminating redundancy and prioritizing system enhancements will reduce costs and free core resources to help you innovate. CAI clients see as much as a 40% improvement in the expense of maintaining and operating their systems.

IT Services for Chemical Companies

Chemical companies are facing a growing demand for more sustainable, eco-friendly products. To meet market demand, CAI can help organizations implement new technologies, including advanced analytics, AI, and robotic process automation.

chemical plant workers fast forklift

Opportunity knocks for chemical and process manufacturers

In a time of increasing global competition, chemical and process manufacturing companies are looking to discover efficiencies, cost savings, and, more importantly, revenue opportunities. CAI can help by applying simple digital actions that produce significant results.

Start simple to drive efficiency

Competing in a global marketplace requires new thinking to identify opportunities to drive efficiency, innovation, and new capabilities. CAI clients can increase productivity by up to 40% through rigorous prioritization and a reduction in cost for maintenance and operations.

Opportunities via innovation

Artificial intelligence can identify opportunities and insights for new solutions, products, and markets. Hyper-automation eliminates manual processes, reduces costs, and improves speed and accuracy. Each improvement incrementally enhances your competitive position and builds momentum for change.

Bridging the resource gap

Your collective intelligence is trapped in legacy systems, and essential resources are unable to support innovation. CEOs are concerned a skills gap will keep them from innovating. CAI helps you unlock collective intelligence and deliver the resources you need to implement the latest ideas and technologies.

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