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Modernize your Service Desk

Is your current service desk experience antiquated? Do you experience poor response times, a lack of self-service options, and security concerns? Has the quality experience you provide to your customers diminished while the cost to maintain your service desk increases? IT service desk services outsourcing is what you need!

Expectations around the service desk experience are evolving and with that change comes an increased expectation from customers. Outsourcing your IT helpdesk is an efficient option that allows you to leverage the most current technology, like automation, while reducing your overhead costs. Outsourcing your IT service desk services means enlisting a third-party to manage and resolve both basic user inquiries (Level 1) and more complex technical problems (Levels 2 and 3). This can include things like incident management and password resets.

Why CAI for IT service desk services outsourcing

Service desk outsourcing with CAI means you will have a long-term partner and single point of contact to meet you where you are in your service desk modernization journey, and work with you to develop a customer-centric experience. Our IT service desk services support model provides a balanced approach to servicing everyone with carefully crafted artificial intelligent-powered solutions.

CAI’s framework for communication, reporting, and governance ensures a seamless service integration with stakeholders, ongoing improvements in service delivery, incident management, and oversight for a sustainable user experience.

Engagement journey and roadmap

Figure 1: Table features two, three-column progression graphs showing the service desk engagement journey and roadmap.
Start up First 6 months Month 7 onward
  • Contract sign off
  • Transition plan finalized
  • Governance setup
  • Talent mobilization
  • Transition completion
  • Knowledge institute setup
  • Stabilization of services
  • SLA attainment
  • Collect and evaluate data
  • Revalidate opportunities
  • Enhanced AI knowledge capabilities
  • Intelligent triage
  • Automated alerts and notifications
  • Access provisioning
  • AI root cause analytics
  • AI focused ticket insights
  • AI driven knowledge management
  • Repeatable workflow tasks
  • Unified ticketing process
  • Automated ticketing process
StabilityInnovation Total Experience
Execute delivery plans and understand the environment Stabilize operations and identify innovation opportunities Drive for total experience. Overall pursuit of frictionless services

CAI Service Desk customer support by the numbers

At CAI, our methodology focuses on making the shift from quality-centric to experience-centric, backed by an outcome-driven approach.
Regardless of where you are in your journey, CAI is your service desk outsourcing provider of choice.


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