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Key considerations for your company growth strategy

We’ll break down some notable growth signals, outlining business growth strategies that can help you improve the customer experience and stay ahead of the competition.


Leveraging best practices for improved service desk performance

Service desk best practices can save time, money, and resources, all while allowing organizations to better plan for the future and innovate.


Trends in generative AI 2024

Generative AI is changing the ways we live and work, and it’s here to stay. Here are some of the emerging and expected trends in generative AI for 2024.


Improving customer experience with strategic enterprise modernization

As customer expectations change, and often rise, the pressure to provide a positive experience is high. With strategic enterprise modernization, you have the time and resources to shift focus to customer experience.


Leverage CMDB best practices for long-term success

A healthy CMDB can be a game changer in your organization, bringing benefits in streamlined IT asset management security, compliance, and more. But you’ll need to be intentional about the tools, teams, and processes you implement to achieve


Understanding hybrid IT

Hybrid IT allows your organization to continue your most business-critical functions with minimal disruption, while still modernizing and planning for the future.


Designing a more inclusive workplace for businesses

CAI explored the many design elements that can be integrated to cultivate an organizational culture of inclusivity, understanding, and mutual respect. Read some top takeaways to begin building an inclusive workplace with CAI’s key resources.


Top 2023 Takeaways: IT teams prioritize innovation and improvement

CAI delves into the many ways organizations are exploring modernization, innovation, and improvement of the internal and external customer experience. Read some top takeaways on optimizing and streamlining from CAI’s key resources.


Top 2023 Takeaways: Cybersecurity protections, policies, and lessons learned

Read some top takeaways on protection, policies, and the conversations around cybersecurity from CAI’s key resources.


Leverage automation to reimagine the service desk

Talkdesk interviewed CAI’s Matt Peters and Tom Grosso to discuss meeting rising customer expectations with service desk best practices.

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