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Oversize permit processing, regulations, and challenges

This article provides a comprehensive overview of the Oversize/Overweight (OS/OW) permit processing, including the governing regulations and how they vary across the US. It also highlights the benefits of using technology in the OS/OW permit


How to build an inclusive physical workplace with universal design

Factors to consider when designing and building a workspace that sets everyone up for success.


Five proven ways to facilitate cybersecurity best practices

Cybersecurity is not always expensive. Here are 5 simple, effective, cybersecurity best practices you can implement now to help mitigate cybersecurity threats and create cyber awareness for your organization.

Top takeaways from 2022

CAI's roundup of the most sought-after and searched themes this year


2022 takeaways: 3 unique virtual neurodiversity discussions

Conversations on neurodiversity, growth, and inclusion to carry into 2023.


Top RPA use cases and their benefits

A detailed analysis of RPA use cases to understand the benefits of RPA across industries, including finance, insurance, utilities, and others.


Robotic process automation tools: All you want to know

RPA tools enable desktop automation and help in building code sequences for the management of repetitive and mundane human tasks. Undoubtedly, one of the best investments at present for any organization to gain a competitive edge.


What is 5G and how can it improve cybersecurity?

5G cybersecurity network, with expected growth to over US $131bn by 2030, ensures optimum utilization of cybersecurity infrastructure through improved network security, secured data transfer, real-time threat detection, and more.


What is the role of artificial intelligence in cybersecurity strategies?

Learn how artificial intelligence in cybersecurity solutions can transform your threat analysis strategies in real-time.

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Brookfield Properties Accelerates Neurodiversity Hiring with CAI Neurodiverse Solutions

Real estate services company brings neurodiversity to the workplace

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