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Success Stories

Success Story

Protecting local transit from cyber threats

Large mass transit agency improves their cyber posture with CAI.

Success Story

Optimizing IT infrastructure management for a State DOT

Working with a state department of transportation, we helped optimize their existing IT infrastructure to achieve greater efficiency.

Success Story

Meet Adam

With an affinity for breaking things down and putting them back together, Adam makes an impact on CAI’s Intelligent Automation team.

Success Story

Meet Graham

With an eye for detail and diligent work ethic, Graham found a long-term career with a healthcare services company.

Success Story

Meet Ryan

With his determination and attention to detail, Ryan builds confidence in his role at a pharmaceutical company.

Success Story

Meet Zach

Because Zach sees possibilities others don’t see, he is a talented problem-solver, making work easier and more efficient.

Success Story

Meet Patrick

With a passion for learning how things work, Patrick excels as a quality assurance analyst at the University of Pittsburgh.

Success Story

Partners to the core

How CAI helped a multinational bank with digital transformation.

Success Story

Keeping projects on track at enGen

CAI Neurodiverse Solutions continues to support enGen’s commitment to workplace inclusion.

Success Story

Bringing automated testing solutions to the University of Pittsburgh

The CAI Neurodiverse Solutions team implemented new automated testing practices to streamline IT infrastructure management for the university.

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