Behind the possible: Client and partner case studies

A curated collection of success stories and case studies showing how CAI helps clients and partners solve business and industry complexities, unlock talent and technology, and deliver on what is possible. Our mission is simple: We’re people who help people.

Stories about ingenuity, impact, and transformation

Which of these technology hurdles resonate with your organization? Discover how we help our clients and partners solve for innovation needs by jumping to a collection below:

Digital transformation that moves at the speed of business

Services that contributed to the success of these stories include Application Development and Maintenance, Infrastructure, and Application Modernization.

"The State system… [is] our favorite system to work with. We are saving time on applications, and time is money.… If I had to describe the system in one way, it just flows much better. It's not overwhelming. It's pleasing to the eye. A new user who has relatively little experience applying for permits, can go through that system, and probably get a permit with minimal instruction."

Art Weaver
Permit / Escort Manager, High Transit, LLC

Intelligent Automation/RPA: Shifting out of manual processes and development

Services that contributed to the success of these stories include Enterprise Service Management, Intelligent Automation/RPA, and Neurodiverse Solutions.

"Using the CAI Neurodiverse Solutions team approach, our neurodivergent associates provide value and work with complex and challenging technology. For us, they are using Python to integrate the ITSM platform with Power BI and have created an automated test framework that confirms the status of each of our reports every morning or on-demand."

Matthew Daye
Product Manager of IT Metrics & Analytics, Northern Trust

Hiring challenges: Sourcing support for innovative operations

Services that contributed to the success of these stories include Intelligent Automation/RPA, Neurodiverse Solutions, and Service Desk.

"Our program leverages the valuable skills of neurodivergent individuals, which includes focus on details, pattern recognition, and problem resolution. The [CAI Neurodiverse Solutions] program contributes to a continuous, diverse workforce bringing a variety of talents, skills, and experiences together to help The Huntington National Bank achieve our goals. The success of this program has positively impacted our teams and the communities we serve."

Louise Elliott
Senior Vice President and IT Service Delivery Director, The Huntington National Bank

Visibility and resources: A recipe for business intelligence and project management success

Services that contributed to the success of these stories include Consulting/Advisory Services, Enterprise Service Management, and Neurodiverse Solutions.

"enGen has been very fortunate to work with CAI Neurodiverse Solutions. CAI did an exceptional job bringing very talented individuals to the team...[they] have demonstrated great enthusiasm and engagement and have truly been valuable additions to our organization. We are looking forward to continuing this great program."

Mick Malec
CEO, enGen, and Enterprise Technology and Operations Officer, Highmark Health

This collection is a mere peek into what CAI is able to accomplish on behalf of our associates, clients, and partners.

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