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Industrial supplier galvanizes IT services with CAI

CAI helps a global company improve its service desk and save money.

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CAI helps global company improve their customer experience with walk-up IT tech bar

Changing technology, outdated service desk practices

A Pennsylvania company supplies industrial gases and related equipment to dozens of industries, including refining, chemical, metals, electronics, manufacturing, and food and beverage. It’s also the world’s leading supplier of liquefied natural gas process technology and equipment.

With over 21,000 employees and operations in 50 countries, the company relies heavily on its service desk to help employees troubleshoot IT problems and get back to work. Its service desk delivery model had been in place for more than 10 years and was struggling to keep up with changes in technology and the company’s cost reduction goals. Leaders needed to standardize support offerings and shift incident resolution from level 2 support resources to the service desk.

Implementing service desk best practices for a better user experience

The company turned to CAI to take over its service desk. CAI delivered a solution for level 1 service desk support, focusing on improving customer experience and fast incident resolution. CAI also implemented a 24x7x365 level 1 service desk in 7 languages – English, German, Chinese, French, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, and Hebrew, with translation services for Polish and Czech – to improve the customer experience and drive faster incident resolution. The service desk offers support for enterprise applications, Microsoft products, and remote access issues.

After communications were vastly improved through language support and following a “shift left” methodology, CAI offered various improvement suggestions, including analysis of incidents escalated to level 2 that could be handled by level 1 support with proper issue correction information.

IT tech bar: A thoughtful, employee-focused help desk to meet users where they are

Over the last few years, employees have returned onsite to their new multi-level office campus, and the client wanted to implement a best-in-class IT user experience. A high density of requests to the global service desk was impacting employee productivity. They wanted to enhance CAI’s existing service desk that fielded calls.

CAI suggested a best practice they had implemented at other clients and conceptualized and developed a walk-up IT help center where employees can get quick fixes or submit more complex help tickets. The goal of the new IT tech bar was to lessen call volume to the global service desk, improve productivity, and create a better employee experience.

The resulting IT tech Bar has been a major success, averaging over 85 contacts per week. CAI has since implemented this walk-up IT help center in other regional headquarters where resources are onsite to meet client needs.

Reducing service desk contacts with state-of-the-art technologies

As part of the ongoing relationship, CAI makes improvement recommendations to the client. Analyzing service desk call details, CAI makes recommendations for ways to improve the user experience and/or eliminate calls. This could mean updating the knowledge database to ensure all service desk agents have the most accurate information, implementing technology advancements, and more.

When the client wanted to explore using an automated attendant for chat, CAI was happy to assist. By analyzing the types of calls, CAI provided input on what topics should be automated. CAI also consulted on the implementation, leaning on experience gained by assisting other clients with similar upgrades. The client was able to realize a reduction in call volume and the associated cost savings as well.

To date, CAI has met and exceeded the client service level agreements, with an average speed of answer of 15 seconds, an abandon rate of 2%, a first-level resolution (FLR) rate of 81.4%, and a customer experience rating of 95%. All of this has allowed for significant cost savings for a client that operates in 50 countries with 21,000 employees.

The CAI team tailored the service desk to meet the client’s exact needs with a walk-up IT tech bar. Even when the results meant fewer contacts, CAI was willing to advance the use of current technologies with an automated attendant. This flexibility and customized approach from a partner made it an easy decision for the client to sign a multi-year extension of CAI’s service desk. We are grateful for a long-term, tightly integrated partnership with the client and excited for the future of our relationship.

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