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Flexible and inclusive cybersecurity defense suite for organizations of any size

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We team up with proven, experienced partners to provide an end-to-end, flexible cybersecurity suite.

We deliver maximum value by keeping all contracting, documentation, knowledge sharing, and points of contact within one source. This means clients can expect faster cyber threat detection and precise incident response to stop cyber threats before they have a significant operational impact.

Service Description
Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Rest easy knowing you have 24/7 threat surveillance
Monitoring Identify and contain ransomware and malware faster
Threat Detection Harness the power of state-of-the-art detection technology
Threat Hunting Hunt cyber threats in real-time through automation
Dark Web Survey malicious web activity to uncover unknown threats
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Service Description
Incident Response (IR) Preparation Implement proven incidence response (IR) plans to protect your organization
Post-Breach IR Reduce cyber threat damage and operational impact
Digital Forensic Identify cyber threat actors with data-backed forensics
Expert Witness Rely on expert legal advice for cybersecurity incidents
Advisory Support Become an expert by learning more about your data landscape
Tabletop and Scenario Exercises Evaluate your response to cyber-attack scenarios - based on real or potential events - with cross functional departments

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