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Global semiconductor manufacturer gets lightning-fast service desk support.

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An American multinational semiconductor company headquartered in Massachusetts specializes in data conversion, signal processing, and power management technology. The company employs 15,000 people around the world to serve more than 100,000 customers. The service desk was struggling to meet demand, meeting a resolution rate of only about 35 percent. To address the shortfall, the company was forced to employ several Level II Helpdesk Support Technicians from multiple staffing firms.

The company was looking for a trusted provider to deliver a true managed service desktop support model to all its North American locations, so it could meet its employees’ needs in terms of hardware and commercial off-the-shelf software.


The company turned to CAI to provide a solution for managed desktop support services, and CAI quickly got to work designing and delivering a solution focused on Level 1.5 service desk support delivered from CAI's Delaware Delivery Center. This would allow desktop support issues to go into the Level 1.5 queue before a technician had to be physically dispatched.

Because CAI’s Level 1.5 service desk support was resolving many issues, fewer on-site technicians were needed. CAI then deployed a smaller on-site team and measured and managed the team with the same discipline as it would its own service desk, which ensures the work gets done quickly, even with the smaller staff.


Almost immediately, the company saw support costs go down while client satisfaction remained high. The work at the Level 1.5 service desk increased the first-level resolution (FLR) rate by 20%, raising the company’s FLR from 35 percent to 55 percent. As the FLR increases, fewer tickets go to Level 2 teams, which means they can work on more strategic initiatives.

Because CAI leverages IT best practices and processes, implements measurement techniques and metrics-based management, and documents and formalizes support knowledge at the service desk, the company’s employees are now benefitting from rapid-call response, high-quality service delivery, and outstanding customer satisfaction. By increasing FLR for deskside support – and continuing to “shift left” to drive more resolution at the service desk, CAI helps make the on-site staff – and all the company’s workers – more efficient and effective.

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