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Improving end-user experience for a global logistics firm

Learn how CAI provided global service desk support and better IT service management (ITSM) administration to improve customer satisfaction and service levels.

Continued growth, misused resources

A global logistics firm delivers e-commerce solutions, freight forwarding, shipping, and warehousing, among a variety of other services. The firm prioritizes high-quality, high-touch customer service and flexibility to exceed their clients’ expectations.

The firm was rapidly growing through acquisitions both domestically and internationally, and they needed to adapt and better support their growing employee base. They wanted new, modern tools that integrated with existing platforms and hoped to shift their internal team’s focus to higher-value activities. Specifically, the firm was looking for additional service desk support for their global operations and better IT service management (ITSM) administration without having to manage it in-house.

Supporting growth and enabling consolidation

A key stakeholder at the logistics firm had considered working with CAI in a previous role. They were impressed by the flexibility we have in managing our client’s ServiceNow® environments, and they saw value in working with a single partner for both service desk and ITSM support. They hoped to consolidate their work and streamline operations by working with a single organization.

For these reasons, as well as our ability to offer a multilingual service desk and scale our engagement based on the company’s growth, the logistics firm selected CAI as their trusted partner.

CAI teams took over the firm’s Level 1 service desk operations, freeing up internal teams to leverage institutional knowledge for high-value activities, enabling increased organizational maturity immediately and helping them work on future goals. The new, multilingual service desk helps the logistics firm reach their employees where they are—saving time, money, and frustration when their resources seek IT support. The extended, 24x7 support hours and multi-language services better support the company’s operations in Europe and China.

Additionally, CAI experts fully manage the logistics firm’s ServiceNow environment—from day-to-day maintenance to twice annual updates and improvements. This allowed the firm to modernize its ITSM administration without needing additional internal resources. The CAI team integrated the managed ServiceNow platform with the firm’s existing Jira environment for DevOps, enabling better tracking and movement of work. Knowledge Management was also a concern—formal documentation was required to pull information from disparate systems, and they needed to gather anything undocumented from employees. CAI provided additional assistance in this area to ensure agents were ready to fully support the client in an informed way on day-one. After an expedited, successful transition period, the logistics company is already seeing impressive results.

Improved customer satisfaction during a high-growth period

First-level resolution

The first-level resolution (FLR) target for this engagement was set at the industry standard level of 70%—outside of the first go-live month, the CAI service desk exceeded its FLR each month with a peak of 87% resolution and a 12-month average of 80.75%. This impressive FLR was achieved through extensive knowledge transfer meetings with the client, ensuring that the CAI team was up to date on all the client’s support process changes each month.

Shift-Left Index

To pivot toward the future and accurately measure efficiency, CAI has developed the Shift-Left Index for modern service desks. The Index runs on a scale from -10 to +10 to reflect the maturity and productivity of your service desk. It tracks continuous improvement drivers to meet today’s necessity for a seamless customer experience.

We rely on five key data points: FLR, knowledge creation, self-service catalog items, contact volume, and customer satisfaction. Once baseline metrics were established for our Shift-Left Index with this client, the service desk goal was to keep the metric above 0—meaning no negative changes in baseline FLR, customer experience, and contact volume. Since the baseline was established, the service desk team has exceeded this target during each measurable month. The team averages a 4.4, reaching a peak of 6.1.

This is a testament to constant improvement efforts throughout the team and a commitment to stay abreast of current trends and support needs.

Customer experience (CX)

After beginning customer satisfaction surveys with a goal of 92% or greater, the service desk team has exceeded this target in each of the measurable months, achieving 100% in 5 of the 9 months that CX was measured. This is largely due to internal quality assurance practices, frequent reviews of analyst calls, and a continuous open feedback loop for continuous improvement.

The CAI team introduced ITIL maturity, implemented a configuration management database (CMDB), and quickly transitioned to a fully managed service model with our client. The logistics firm considers us a trusted partner and is better able to focus their internal resources on continued growth and strategic planning.

CAI offers a wide range of Enterprise Service Management support. From fully managed ServiceNow implementation and support to a robust multilingual service desk, our experts optimize our service model to deliver a custom solution for your organization’s unique goals and maturity. Contact us today to learn more about how we can work together.

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