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Contingent Workforce Solutions (CWS) & Services

Finding talented IT and business experts who can fill the gaps in your team on demand is challenging. CAI can help you master the art of contingent workforce management. With the right approach to talent decisions, you will improve operational performance, lower labor costs, align staffing with business objectives and increase transparency to your contingent workforce staffing spend and management.

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Customer-Centric Approach

CAI listens to customers and values helping them innovate and design their workforce. We reinvent the contingent workforce experience for businesses with a 20% increase in speed to hire. By providing a fully managed service of your contingent workforce, CAI takes on the day-to-day responsibilities of fulfilling your contingent workforce needs, providing a centralized solution from initial request to candidate screening and engagement to timesheet and invoice processing.

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Recruitment & Account Management

CAI manages and simplifies recruiting, selecting, and engaging with contingent workforce suppliers, as well as eliminates the risk of misclassifying your workers. With access to cooperative purchasing models, we help public and private sector agencies engage contingent workers for a range of IT and business needs.

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Data Analytics Reporting

CAI’s disciplined approach to analytics and reporting supports and enhances all aspects of your contingent workforce needs. Improved transparency, careful oversight of performance, and forward-thinking data analysis are essential to our customers’ risk compliance duties as well as their future workforce strategies.

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Making a Difference for Our Customers

Success Story

State Taps Qualified Talent Pool

A state in the southeastern U.S. oversees multiple projects that rely on the contributions of IT contractors, but the contract vehicles were inefficient and produced inconsistent results. The process for onboarding new IT contractors was cumbersome, taking state personnel longer than needed. CAI helped them to streamline their contract workforce management.

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Success Story

State Government Finds the Right Talent

A large southeastern state needed help to fill an open senior IT program manager position to oversee a special project. It had relied on the same contingent workforce managed service provider for 12 years but wanted to increase competition between IT services suppliers so it could solicit more highly qualified candidates and reduce costs.

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Success Story

City Brings Innovative Civic Park Online

A consortium of civic leaders and developers came together to define the goals of the project: to facilitate a more transparent government, a healthy environment, inter-department collaboration and better customer service – and they knew IT would play a big role in making it so.

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Reinventing Recruitment and Staffing

Increased Speed to Meet Workforce Demand

How do you optimize business performance with on-demand talent? CAI provides contingent IT staffing solutions with qualified local professionals in a matter of days. With complete access to detailed market research, you can set more competitive rates while ensuring quality work that fits your project budget. By tapping into an open network of IT services suppliers that respond to any IT needs, you’ll meet your inclusion directives by promoting small, women- and minority-owned businesses.

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Confidence in Procurement

Would your business benefit from a faster supplier process to procure resources, better invoicing and reporting processes, and easy-to-monitor remote work performance? Could you benefit from deeper insights into company spending habits and supplier management? CAI provides businesses with the right people, processes, and technologies to make smart talent decisions that meet your requirements. We help organizations improve operational performance, lower labor costs, align staffing with business objectives, and increase transparency to contingent workforce spend and management.

Data Transparency for Informed Decisions

Recruiting qualified workforce talent is a real challenge that takes significant time and resources, reliable data, and a secure, up-to-date onboarding process. CAI enhances this process from top to bottom with custom workforce data analytics solutions that produce historical, predictive, and performance analyses for recruiting, hiring, and remote work.

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Supplier Information Portals

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