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Develop success, how and when you need

In our age, innovation and digital transformation is the key to business growth and staying ahead of the competition. But innovative applications alone won’t bring success. You need to develop them the right way to achieve maximum outcomes.

You need friendly, user-focused applications that are focused on achieving specific results. This makes it easy for you to get ROI from your development resources.

CAI offers continuously evolving and digitally scalable application development and maintenance services that can power your business and redefine the way you create and manage your applications.

Part of the way we power success is by utilizing an untapped talent pool through our Neurodiverse Solutions. Neurodivergent individuals bring key strengths: attention to detail, keen concentration, sharp problem-solving skills, and exceptional pattern recognition. For application development and maintenance, this can result in higher throughput, lower error percentages, and optimized workstreams. Learn more about CAI Neurodiverse Solutions.


Let our experts create what you need.

  • Efficient technology applications harnessing Agile methodology
  • Increased flexibility and faster turnaround time
  • Accurate understanding and product delivery on precise requirements
  • User-friendly and interactive UI/UX interfaces for web and mobile applications
  • Scalable, flexible, and future-proof application and software products


Keep your applications in top shape.

  • Significant cost reduction
  • Target a zero-incident environment
  • Utilize leading automation tools and techniques

Strengthen your business

Our experts develop future-proof, adaptive applications based on modern technologies.

Leverage technology excellence

A suite of modernized, consolidated, and integrated applications is your roadmap to success in your digital transformation journey.

Modern, scalable, and secure

Our innovation experts can supplement your enterprise with the right mix of applications based on modern, cloud-ready technologies.

Untapped talent, top-tier results

We build and maintain innovative business solutions that deliver results while developing rewarding careers for the neurodiverse community and leading the way to an inclusive workforce environment.

Digital transformation demands innovation and foresight


Build the best possible user experience.

The right application starts with alignment to a measurable business outcome. By putting ourselves in the shoes of the end user, we can create powerful, easy-to-use applications that users want to use. Our process is well-structured and comprehensive throughout the design, development, and implementation phases.

What we deliver:

  • Design Thinking principles: Driving user-first experiences
  • Agile project delivery: Better transparency, quality, and speed
  • Standard processes and methodologies: Industry best practices ensure maintainability, reusability, security, and performance
  • Quality: Using a continuous quality mindset to deliver solutions along with compliance testing—including accessibility and security
  • Effective project governance: Outcome-driven tracking ensures a long-lasting and mutually rewarding relationship

young female associate presenting designs to team
developers talking over options for project


Spend less time on operations, and more time on digital transformation.

We blend the right combination of innovative solutions, emerging technologies, expert talent, and proven methods to align your application environment to your business and IT objectives.

CAI leverages industry best practices and state-of-the-art tools to help organizations decrease software application maintenance costs and meet expectations with mutually agreed-upon service level agreements. CAI uses the latest methodology and tools for application maintenance to keep pace with the current and evolving ITIL service management standards. We provide complete visibility and control for all the facets of support tasks so you can properly plan, manage, and deliver maintenance.

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