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Achieving Quality Outcomes

Providing valued services to improve lives.

Federal, state, and local agencies are challenged to provide high-quality services that improve lives. At the same time, they are under mounting pressure to reduce waste and increase efficiency in service delivery and operations management. Agencies need innovative partners to help deliver efficient and effective solutions, such as Medicaid Management Information Systems (MMIS) and Comprehensive Child Welfare Information Systems (CCWIS). CAI partners with health and human services agencies to provide business and technology support for strategic planning, feasibility and procurement planning, organizational change, project management, and technology transformation.

Outcome-driven Services

Innovative Solutions for Improved Outcomes

Large-scale transformations require extensive planning and organizational change management. HHS agencies partner with community organizations to develop innovative strategies that respond to local needs and challenges, leading to improved outcomes for individuals, children and families. With decades of experience, CAI is a trusted partner supporting HHS agencies with strategic planning, project management, and organizational change management.

Leveraging Technology to Deliver Value

Having a technology partner that understands the scale and scope of health and human services is critical to the success of any initiative. Organizations with experience developing Advanced Planning Documents and identifying grant funding opportunities are vital in the delivery of comprehensive and sustainable solutions. Partners that offer support in the areas of emerging technology, MITA, cloud services, and software development provide a comprehensive solution for these agencies. CAI's broad knowledge of the service lifecycle, from concept through implementation, supports organizational transformation and the ability to meet stakeholder needs.

A Service-first Approach to Delivery

The right oversight and management is critical for careful stewardship of any program. Government agencies are responsible for the effective allocation of taxpayer resources. CAI's experienced project managers take a service-first approach in managing projects as stewards of taxpayer resources. We are experts in establishing proven project management office structures, developing governance dashboards, and managing strategic plans from concept to close.

Seeing the Future Together

Technology is changing rapidly. Agencies that are quick to adapt can find valuable insights in data analytics to enhance service delivery. Behavioral health organizations can leverage predictive analytics to discover preventative services that reduce crisis situations. Direct service providers can leverage efficient cloud technology to offer digital prescriptions for treatments or virtual reality for caseworker training. CAI partners with agencies to help them use data to align organizational objectives with their mission. We offer transformational solutions that drive policy and practice changes and lead to improved outcomes for those most vulnerable.

Collaborative Services for Health & Human Services

Project and Program Management

Delivering quality services to those most vulnerable is the responsibility of every health and human services agency. Behind the scenes, a myriad of projects and supporting structures are necessary to ensure that direct services can be delivered safely and efficiently. CAI partners with agencies to provide project and program management services in support of grant management, business and IT project delivery, and organizational transformation initiatives.

Staff Augmentation

Access to professional resources that assist in policy and data analysis, grant management, project management support, and digital services.

Medicaid Management Transformation

Moving from a legacy monolithic platform to a modular design is a massive undertaking. Finding a partner that understand CMS, Medicaid, and business processes is vital to implementing a comprehensive platform that affects millions of citizens. CAI provides staff experienced in MMIS transformations to design, approach, manage, and support these applications.

Business and Digital Advisory Services

Government and non-profit organizations need partners that provide a wide range of services. Whether you are developing a strategic plan to align services and waivers to outcomes, establishing a project management office, or developing technology in Child Welfare and Medicaid, CAI provides a team of subject matter experts with public service experience that deliver exceptional results.

Artificial Intelligence and Analytics

Artificial intelligence and analytics are game-changing technologies that use predictive analytics and metrics to identify new health trends and fraud, waste, and abuse. Using analytics, organizations can determine which preventative services have the greatest impact for those most in need. CAI collaborates with government partners to help identify analytics that yield the most effective outcomes for citizens to improve the quality of services and reduce the overall healthcare spend.

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