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Today more than ever, child welfare leaders and staff must rapidly respond to the changing needs of children and families. The complexity of challenges they face has increased dramatically over the past few years while the availability of human and fiscal resources vary greatly. As a result, agencies and organizations are changing the child welfare landscape by focusing on prevention and collaboration with their sister human service agencies. CAI partners with child welfare, medical assistance, drug and alcohol, and behavioral health agencies to advance innovative solutions.

Advancing Holistic Approaches

Strategic Transformation

Large-scale transformations require extensive planning and organizational change management. HHS agencies must partner with community organizations to develop innovative strategies that respond to local needs and improve outcomes for individuals, children, and families. The best approaches are grounded in community-wide innovations that tailor services to specific needs. CAI has decades of experience supporting HHS agencies with strategic planning, project management, and organizational change management.

Creating Performance-based Partnerships

State and local governments rely on community service providers and extended family members to ensure that children are safe, that they live in stable and permanent homes, and that their physical, behavioral health and educational needs are met. Technology plays an essential role in measuring systemic performance through enhanced data gathering. CAI partners with child welfare system stakeholders to transform reactive systems into proactive ones.

Research, Policy, and Grant Assistance

HHS agencies provide vital services amid ever-changing political and fiscal environments. To provide evidence-based services to their communities, agencies must identify effective strategies that keep pace with evolving research and policy. Seeking additional funding opportunities while maintaining current programs and services is difficult for even the most established agencies. CAI helps agencies develop polices and grant opportunities that are grounded in research, so they can anticipate trends and potential impacts to their service array, sustain the provision of quality services, and ensure an informed and prepared workforce.

Data-driven Intelligence

Human services agencies need to leverage innovative solutions to improve services and outcomes for individuals, children, and families. As the needs of the population change, the use of data and technology must keep pace. A modernized approach empowers agency leaders to use the resources entrusted to them by taxpayers and legislators. CAI helps agencies unlock the power of data and implement transformational solutions that allow them to better respond to community needs.

Collaborative Services for Health & Human Services

Business and Digital Advisory Services

Government and non-profit organizations need partners that provide a wide range of services. Whether you are developing a strategic plan to align services and waivers to outcomes, establishing a project management office, or developing technology in Child Welfare and Medicaid, CAI provides a team of subject matter experts with public service experience that deliver exceptional results.

Staff Augmentation

Access to professional resources that assist in policy and data analysis, grant management, project management support, and digital services.

Comprehensive Child Welfare Information System Transformation

Recent federal changes encourage states to design information systems that meet their unique needs. Enhanced federal funds are available to support technological approaches that promote increased efficiency, streamlined operations, and improved data reliability. These changes allow states to use modern technology to share information across multiple children and family-serving systems. CAI partners with agencies to develop strategies that promote organizational change management leading to successful technological deployments the first time.

Project and Program Management

Delivering quality services to those most vulnerable is the responsibility of every health and human services agency. Behind the scenes, a myriad of projects and supporting structures are necessary to ensure that direct services can be delivered safely and efficiently. CAI partners with agencies to provide project and program management services in support of grant management, business and IT project delivery, and organizational transformation initiatives.

Artificial Intelligence and Analytics

Artificial intelligence and analytics are game-changing technologies that use predictive analytics and metrics to identify new health trends and fraud, waste, and abuse. Using analytics, organizations can determine which preventative services have the greatest impact for those most in need. CAI collaborates with government partners to help identify analytics that yield the most effective outcomes for citizens to improve the quality of services and reduce the overall healthcare spend.

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