Health and Human Services

People are at the heart of what we do

Working Together, Changing Lives

Federal, state, and local governments are responsible for providing health and human services that enhance American lives every day. To be successful, government agencies must partner with community organizations to promote services that respond to local needs and support improved outcomes for individuals, children and families. Data-driven decision-making is critical for developing strategic solutions that effectively address the social determinants of health.

Advisory Services

Government and non-profit organizations need partners that provide a wide range of services. Whether you are developing a strategic plan to align services and waivers to outcomes, establishing a project management office, or developing technology, we can help you accomplish your mission.

CAI partners with agencies to provide services in Medicaid Management Transformation, project management, technology deployment, strategic planning, and staff augmentation.

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Child Welfare

Protecting children is a community responsibility that does not rest solely with one agency, organization or individual. It requires the collective response of government agencies, community organizations, and private citizens that forge partnerships focused on preventing abuse before it happens.

CAI offers child welfare program and policy support, business and digital transformation, strategic planning and implementation services that help our partners achieve their mission and vision.

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Commercial Healthcare

Healthcare organizations are under constant pressure to improve efficiency, transparency, and cost-effectiveness. To succeed, the healthcare industry must embrace strategies to support digitization, AI-driven analytics, value-based purchasing, and improved operational efficiency.

CAI helps healthcare organizations and insurers improve business and IT efficiency, simplify the management of applications, and realize the potential of new technology.

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Making a Difference to Improve the World

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Legalizing Recreational Marijuana: Impacts and Considerations for Pennsylvania’s Health and Human Services System

In September 2020, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf introduced adult-use, recreational marijuana as a gubernatorial priority to infuse much-needed financial relief into the Commonwealth’s economy following the COVID-19 public health emergency and resulting shutdown. This white paper reviews effects of legalized recreational marijuana use in states where legalization has passed, discusses the potential impacts of legalization on various areas within the health and human services (HHS) field, and suggests how Pennsylvania HHS professionals might prepare for potential legalization and resulting policy change.

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Helping At-risk Populations with Improved Project Management

CAI teams have been instrumental in the successful delivery of projects that increased access to healthcare for more than 600,000 state residents and helped transform the lives of vulnerable populations.

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PCCYFS stays the course through COVID with CAI

CAI partnered with Pennsylvania Council of Children, Youth, and Family Services to identify strategic solutions assisting agencies to evolve their services to children and families as we learned more about COVID. We developed a toolkit of best practices from across the nation in regard to visitation, human resources, and fiscal impacts that assisted provider organizations in serving the families in Pennsylvania during the crisis.

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Our Commitment to a Principled Approach

People-centric with a Service-first Mentality

CAI supports business partner organizations with a compassionate culture of service founded on several guiding principles. At our core, we are people-centric and committed to helping organizations support others. As former public servants, we live to serve and work with partners to deliver services to those most in need. Our goal is to provide high-quality consulting services that deliver the right business and technology outcomes.

A Collaborative Approach with an Emphasis on Communications

We take pride in working collaboratively with our partners to improve the lives of people around the country. Leveraging our communication and marketing expertise, we deliver the right results the first time. Our approach involves effective and ongoing communication to keep you informed and aware of all activities.

An Eye Toward Stewardship

CAI works with organizations to provide strategic planning services, implementation services, and research and policy assistance to support your strategic mission and vision. We respect and recognize that we are stewards of funds and resources that affect lives.

Don’t embark on your journey alone.

Let CAI help you identify strategic business and technology solutions that transform the lives of the individuals you serve.

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