Improving the way government agencies work so they can better serve their constituents

Outdated financial systems are often inflexible, vulnerable to security exploits, and highly dependent on staff who may be nearing retirement.


Government agencies face an ever-changing technology environment. Citizens demand robust and secure online self-servicing platforms. Compliance, security standards, and internal controls must continually evolve to safeguard citizen data. Our experienced teams can assess your IT environment and provide actionable strategies to start modernizing your infrastructure and applications.

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Business advisory and consulting

Our teams monitor and maintain security and stability for your systems and applications 24/7. We seamlessly support existing operations and fill any gaps in expertise, reducing the costs of citizen services and critical new capabilities.

Operational analysis and optimization

You need data to develop a comprehensive roadmap for rationalizing, consolidating, streamlining, and modernizing your systems. We help public financial organizations reduce overall operational footprints and minimize unnecessary spending.

Transforming the application workload

Transform your application workload and improve your ability to make data-driven decisions. We provide flexible staffing, support, and the skills you need to improve your services.

Our capabilities

Transform your business

Eliminate tedious and time-consuming tasks and dramatically improve the accuracy and efficiency of day-to-day workflows with intelligent operational transformation solutions.

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Take control of your operational workflows

IT solutions to optimize and streamline operations for your organization.

State and local financial services departments have massive responsibilities that directly impact communities and citizen services. This includes continuously reviewing processes and operations to ensure everything is running smoothly, sensitive data is secure, and the right people can access the information they need. In many cases, government organizations run on outdated systems that can't support modern workflows. Whether implementing a brand-new system or updating an existing, legacy system, we enable advanced workflow automation, integrated document management systems, and public reporting solutions for financial insights.

Public finance consulting

CAI helps public sector finance organizations reimagine their processes, technology, and operating models to increase tax revenue, reduce fraud, prioritize new citizen services, and reduce operational costs.

Strategic program management

CAI helps local and state government agencies develop strategic frameworks that support the right programs and projects for the biggest impact. Let us help you define how to create a roadmap for digital success.

Project management office

Our business and technology experts provide the knowledge, proven methodology, and support to develop a fitting strategy and create a roadmap to transform the business.

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Rethink what is possible

Reduce the time and energy you put into making difficult budget decisions. We know how to restructure entire workflows from the ground up to increase tax revenue, reduce fraudulent activity, prioritize new services that benefit constituents, and reduce overall operating costs.

Work smarter not harder

Reassess your workflows, processes, and resources in public finance.

When is the last time you had a comprehensive review of all the processes and procedures of your day-to-day tasks? Monitoring, reassessing, and updating how you run your digital operations is critical to maximizing your IT investments. CAI can help you increase transparency around where you are putting your resources, the results you’re getting, and how you can improve. Reimagining your operations will lead to better results without service interruptions or additional financial stresses.

Tailored government methodology

You need a baseline of your current operations and the right KPIs to drive success. With a clear vision of your organization’s future and a proven process tailored to public sector finance departments, we can help you close the gap between performance, spending, and operational visibility.

Expertise and best practices

Learning from other organizations accelerates the journey to your ideal state. Combine industry experience and best practices, and you have a winning formula. CAI helps public sector finance departments shortcut the process to get results, faster.

Systems modernization

Most public sector finance departments deploy systems from multiple generations of platforms. Legacy mainframe, client-server technology, and new webpage solutions work in the same environment delivering services to citizens. CAI works with you to evaluate your current state systems and create a path to citizen engagement.

Measure. Plan. Do.

Identify low-hanging fruit and long-term opportunities for improvement and start reallocating resources where they’re most valuable. Improve delivery speed, increase security, manage vendors, and support new innovations and citizen engagement activities.

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Continuous improvement is key

Discover and seize new opportunities to grow and improve.

What are the chances that your digital operations aren’t as efficient as they could be? There are often many opportunities to streamline and upgrade systems and processes without spending a single cent more. However, many government organizations routinely face challenges in balancing the personnel, time, and money to proactively seek out these opportunities and smoothly implement changes.

CAI never stops monitoring and looking for new, better ways to improve your digital services delivery. We enable you to bring faster results to those depending on your services, improve security throughout your digital operations, and provide comprehensive support for vendor management, new innovations, and better public engagement. Seamlessly transition to new systems, stay up and running more reliably, and minimize the burdens of keeping your processes up to date.

IT operations, security, and vendor management services

CAI provides the people, technology, and expertise to reduce the cost of maintaining existing systems. We help secure your operations, manage your pool of vendors, and embrace innovation.

Application managed services

We work with our clients to rationalize, consolidate, and modernize new and existing systems to reduce the footprint and costs. Our teams deliver the expertise and services you need to build new solutions.

Contingent Workforce Solutions

We provide quality staff to support business operations and deliver the skills you need to develop new services.

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