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Application Development and Maintenance

Enhancing operational efficiency with CAI

CAI application management services help streamline workflow so major transit authority can save money and time and stay on track.

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CAI’s application management services deliver operational efficiency for major transit authority


A transit agency operating one of the nation’s largest public transportation systems serves the municipal limits of this major metropolitan city. On any given weekday, the transit agency provides more than a million and a half rides to its residents. In its back office, the agency must handle a wide range of functions that support and sustain the ridership and the smooth-running operations of more than 1,800 buses and nearly 1,500 rail cars.

To ensure the system runs smoothly, the agency relies on Oracle E-Business Suite, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that manages complex activities and data capture related to the agency’s financial, human capital, procurement, and supply chain management. When the ERP system was due for a software upgrade that required reimplementation, the agency needed help gathering requirements, integrating the system with other applications, customizing the solution for its needs, and testing for quality assurance. Specifically, it needed an expert partner that could analyze existing processes, identify gaps and issues, plan resolutions for the re-implementation, and determine an approach for data storage and migration. Despite a tight timeline and budget, a high-quality outcome was imperative.


The transit agency turned to CAI to manage the process that would fully support its application and re-implementation efforts and grow its capabilities. CAI supplied expert resources for application customization development and system maintenance. Current best practices for application support put into place ITIL service management disciplines based on performance metrics, continuous improvement, and formal service level agreements with performance credits.

CAI’s managed application support services provide complete governance as a way to plan, manage and deliver services in accordance with the priorities and service goals set for each engagement. At the core of CAI’s methodology is a workflow management application Tracer© that enables the team to effectively manage the day-to-day work events of all resources. The defined workflow enforces the rigor of process discipline to increase visibility, control, and productivity of application support teams. By applying this methodology to take support requests, handle incidents, and estimate and deliver enhancements for the agency’s Oracle system, CAI helped it expand its capabilities despite a strict budget.


The transit agency tapped a new talent pool, nearly doubling its capabilities specific to the Oracle E-Business Suite. The software re-implementation reduces the amount of time and effort the agency spends on day-to-day operations; increases the amount of time employees have to focus on strategy and planning; improves reliability, transparency, and system performance; and provides quick access to skilled resources when the need arises. The real win is a transit system that runs smoothly, enabling riders to get to where they need to go with ease.

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