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Meet Josh T.

We interviewed Josh T., a Business Analyst with CAI Neurodiverse Solutions, to learn more about his background and the work he does at a top 4 consulting firm.

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Finding a fulfilling career with CAI Neurodiverse Solutions

What was your background prior to joining CAI?

I was born in Florida and grew up in Gainesville. I went to a bunch of different schools growing up, which I think has made me really adaptable. I was part of the gifted program in school that allowed me to take different classes and workshops, and I was accepted into a magnet school, which really shaped me into who I am.

I went to Flagler College in St. Augustine, FL, which was far enough away from my home that I felt like I could branch out on my own and grow into my own person. During college, I started to realize how much I liked assessing large amounts of information and condensing them into something more accessible.

What did your career path look like?

My career path has been very diverse. I worked at a Cracker Barrel throughout college, then I became a fourth-grade tutor, which I really enjoyed. From there, my role expanded into part-tutor, part-extended day aide at the school. The COVID-19 pandemic hit shortly after I transitioned into my new role with the school, and I got to see firsthand the shift to remote work in education.

I then pivoted completely, working as a campaign manager for my friend’s state senate campaign—running social media, conducting outreach, and doing research. I gained a lot of valuable skills from it.

My most recent job before CAI was at a compliance services company. I was working in the litigation management services and document recording departments. I worked on the intake team, opening and processing mail, making sure it got sent to the right people, etc. I also helped banks file and register mortgages.

I left that job in search of a more supportive work environment, which led me to my current role.

How did you find CAI Neurodiverse Solutions, and what is your role with us?

I found CAI on LinkedIn and sent in my application shortly after. I did some research on the company and had my initial call with the outreach team, and I really felt like it would be a good fit. The mission statement resonated with me—it seemed like everyone cared about people. And I had never heard of a specific division like CAI Neurodiverse Solutions before. Regular interviews didn’t work out that well for me, and the new process was super interesting with the accommodations and different style of the Talent Discovery Session. It gave me time to feel like I was able to put my best foot forward.

“The whole process was nice and not as stressful as I thought it was going to be. The team leads were super friendly and welcoming, which made me feel comfortable and helped me do my best.”

Josh T.
CAI Neurodiverse Solutions Associate

Shortly after, I joined my current CAI team at a top 4 consulting firm. I started as a validator and have since been promoted to head validator; my official title is Business Analyst. My team deals with projects related to a recent hurricane—we work with other organizations to determine contract details, Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) reimbursement applications, and more. Working with my client manager and the CAI Team Lead, Tommy Bower, I’m responsible for going into each project and figuring out what needs to be done—and then putting all of this information into a validation workbook. I review different contracts that applicants send, cost summary logs, and timesheets, and make sure everything checks out. I review invoices and proofs of payment to confirm everything is legitimate, then I catalogue everything and determine reimbursement amounts.

I feel like my current role is a really good fit, and I’m glad to be part of the CAI team.

What’s the best part of your job?

This job has opened so many different opportunities for me. Working from home is life-changing. It's so much more flexible and less stressful for me. And having managers who trust me to do my work and see that I'm able to deliver on what I said I was going to do makes such a difference—I appreciate the trust level and how they treat me like a human and not a machine. I can't put it into words how nice it is.

“It's been a different change of pace, and I feel like it's really let me thrive and I'm so much happier working here. Not to sound all cliche, but it really has just set my life on a different path.”

Josh T.
CAI Neurodiverse Solutions Associate

My teammates and I collaborate closely and often to refine our skills. They've all been so nice and welcoming, and my manager at the client is incredible. I can't say enough good things about him—both he and Tommy have been awesome throughout this whole process, making my life easier and making me feel supported.

And it helps to know that I don't have to be afraid. If someone reaches out to me and asks if we can talk, I feel empowered to ask my teammates to review things for me and I don’t get anxious when someone reaches out.

CAI and Tommy have been very accommodating. Tommy has been an invaluable source of support since I joined the team. He has been in daily contact with me, providing mentorship and guidance. Whenever I need something, I know I can rely on him to assist me, and that he’ll advocate to get it for me. I haven’t had to take him up on that, but it's nice knowing that people have my back. I can’t stress it enough; it means a lot.

“Josh is an individual who's trustworthy, he’s conscientious, and he consistently exceeds performance expectations. In the last 6 months, he achieved an over 22% increase on his validator performance scores by leveraging additional technical aptitude training, analyzing, and assessing risk on government public assistance project validation workbooks. Our client says that Josh has been invaluable in helping the team review older projects and help close out packets that have just been sitting around, and that Josh operates independently and constantly delivers quality products.”

Tommy Bower
CAI Team Lead

Thanks to this job, I moved all the way from Tallahassee, FL, to Cleveland, OH! I was able to do this because of the financial freedom to live on my own, and I have the flexibility to work remotely. I’m grateful to be part of this team and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

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