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Gail, Talent Acquisition Manager

Gail's love of people has fueled her work at CAI for more than 20 years. Everything she does comes down to finding the right person for the right position.

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"At CAI, giving back to the community is built into what we do."

I love people, so my job at CAI is perfect for me. I started at CAI in a recruiting role – and now I am the Talent Acquisition Manager.

Before I worked here, I had heard about CAI’s reputation as a great place to work. People know it as a company with values, and that was important to me. It’s hard to believe I’ve been here 21 years!

I really wanted to find a place where I could dedicate my energy and grow my career. So when CAI offered me a job, I was determined to become the “go-to” person. I never turned down an assignment – and I value that in the people I work with and the candidates I recruit. People who, above all, demonstrate professionalism and follow-through really impress me.

"CAI is a place where people are very friendly and approachable – and I think that is what fosters trust and creativity."

I thrive on deadlines, so new assignments are always exciting for me. My colleague and I once staffed a 60-person team for a major health insurer in the span of four weeks. The company was bringing in new people and rebadging others. This is not a typical timeframe for that size project, but it was fast-paced, and I loved it. Above all, I enjoyed the team camaraderie and finding good people good work.

CAI is a place where people are very friendly and approachable – and I think that is what fosters trust and creativity. It has a lot to do with where new ideas and innovation come from – an environment where you can share your thinking and where you know you’re making a difference. I’m excited to incorporate Intelligent Automation tools into our process so that we can focus more on the relationship.

At CAI, we also have wonderful opportunities to give back to our communities. From our Autism2Work Program (A2W) to our work with schools, we have an opportunity to make a difference. Programs like this mean we get to bring our talents to the table outside of our daily jobs – and that makes my work – and my life – more fulfilling.

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