It’s not surprising that “doing business better” is the most commonly searched theme to come out of 2022. But how that concept is applied is thoroughly individual. Some businesses need guidance on innovation, while others require perspective on leveraging managed service providers. The goals of internal and external improvement in IT prove pervasive. As 2022 draws to a close, discover the content and topics resonating the most before ushering in the new year.

Service Desk 2025—Making the case for service desk automation

Tracking three years of metrics has made it clear that automation not only has a place at the service desk but can provide ROI in a short amount of time.

  • 2020 observed service desk contact volume and first-level resolution (FLR) decreasing as customer satisfaction improved.
  • 2021 validated findings and saw a decline in first-level resolution.
  • 2022 calculated the estimated ROI of service desk automation, using an example of a simple, low-complexity workflow at an organization with 5,000 technology-enabled employees creating 38,000 contacts per year (or 3,166 contacts per month).

If FLR is no longer considered the gold standard for gauging effectiveness, how will service desks measure success in the years to come? Answer - the “shift left index.” Access Service Desk 2025—Making the case for service desk automation for a review of the shift left index—including data points, contact volume, FLR, and customer satisfaction—as well as how it can help to drive incidents and service requests away from human resolution and toward self-help, self-service, and automation.

IT outsourcing 2.0: Six tips for implementing managed service providers

Rapid digital transformation, speed to market, and talent shortages are driving a noticeable need for an increase in IT resources across commercial and public sector organizations. These exaggerated changes are causing CIOs to turn to alternatives like managed service providers (MSPs) and outsource partnerships to meet the demand.

The MSP, or outsource model, isn’t a new option. These arrangements allow organizations to not only gain the people and skills they lack internally, typically at a lower cost, MSPs can also be invaluable as an additional resource for completing IT tasks that may have been otherwise on hold.

Read the full article for 6 tips on successfully implementing MSPs in your business.

How to enable digital transformation in enterprise IT

Part of the strategy for companies considering their digital futures is an increased use of technologies that have a greater impact across the business. For many, this is where IT service management (ITSM) and enterprise service management (ESM) play a crucial role in a successful digital transformation.

  • ITSM provides the right people, establishes processes, and implements technology to meet business goals.
  • ESM serves as an extension of ITSM based on IT workflows and serves to improve service delivery for specific business areas, like human resources and legal.

Innovation in ITSM and ESM using artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), automation, and facilitating remote work helps enterprises optimize their tools and align IT to better differentiate themselves in the market and embrace digital transformation for the long haul.

Read the full article to learn how enterprises are deploying ITSM and ESM to find their edge with digital transformation.

Quick-start guide: Maximize ROI from your RPA

Because of the time and cost involved in robotic process automation (RPA), businesses are often left to wonder if the return on investment (ROI) is worth it. The key is choosing the right automation accessories to allow people and bots to work together for increased efficiency and improved business outcomes.

The quick-start guide Maximize ROI from you RPA spotlights top use-cases, as well as practical examples of automation opportunities, internal and external client benefits, and real-world results in these areas:

  • Finance functions
  • Insurance claims
  • Human resources
  • Service desk (self-service)
  • Sales operations

Discover the secrets to moving fast and creating smarter, more accurate processes by accessing the quick-start guide.

The path forward

Everything from automation, internal and external customer experiences, and outsourcing through service management are on the table for organizations looking to streamline and optimize their businesses in 2023. For expert guidance and resources to better navigate the waters of digital transformation, reserve some time with a CAI expert to discuss a plan tailor-made for your business.

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