[Video begins with white CAI logo along with the word "PRESENTS" underneath in white, centered on the screen, with a black background. The background image is initially blurred, then shows the inside of a community bus at it's on the road and the text fades. The video continues to show the inside of the bus from the middle of it, leading to the front of the bus and panning to the left towards Sean Kelly sitting on the bus, looking to the right as his dialogue begins.] 00:00:00 - 00:00:15 Sean Kelly My autism makes it difficult for me to concentrate a lot. My mind feels like it's going NASCAR speed, 00:00:15 - 00:00:39 Sean like a thousand miles an hour. I always felt like I wasn't as good as other people. People are afraid of what's different from them because they're just afraid of the unknown. If people actually took the time to get to know people like me, [Video shows Sean up close as he speaks, along with the following words in white, placed on the right side of the screen "Sean Kelly, Neurodiverse Solutions, CAI, Team Member."] 00:00:39 - 00:00:52 Sean they would find that we're not that different. [Screen shows a train headed to the left in motion. Once the train is gone, the video shows Sean walking to the right off the platform, with the following words in white text above him as he walks "MOVING FORWARD with CAI Neurodiverse Solutions." Then a train comes from the left and moves to the right of the screen in motion.] [Terri Kelly is in her kitchen using her tea kettle as her dialogue begins. She then is shown up close speaking, with the following white text to the left of her face "Terri Kelly, Sean's Mom".] 00:00:52 - 00:01:05 Terri Kelly When you get the diagnosis that your child has autism, all of your ideas that you had for your child, all the dreams, it all shifts. [When Meghan Kelly begins to speak, the video shows her sitting to the right with the following white text to the left of her "Meghan Kelly, Sean's Sister".] 00:01:06 - 00:01:14 Meghan Kelly Watching him struggle was very hard. I was afraid he was gonna not stand on his own two feet one day. [Wayne McRae sits in an office setting to the right of the frame. Next to him to the left is the following white text "Wayne McRae, Neurodiverse Solutions, CAI, Executive Director."] 00:01:15 - 00:01:22 Wayne McRae In many cases, individuals are adults on the autism spectrum, are either unemployed or underemployed. [CAI headquarters building is in the bottom right-hand corner of the video, the building being red brick and the CAI sign in blue. In the top right-hand corner, the following white text is shown "CAI, Global Technology Services Firm."] 00:01:23 - 00:01:43 Wayne At CAI, IT is an area where we find many individuals on the spectrum seem to thrive, but the challenge is getting through the interview process. 00:01:32 - 00:01:35 Sean When I got out of school, the job search was actually pretty difficult. [Richard Gray sits to the left of the frame, with the following white text to the right of him "Richard Gray, Neurodiverse Solutions, CAI, Team Lead."] 00:01:36 - 00:01:43 Rich Gray Instead of sitting in front of someone with a suit on for 20 minutes, the job readiness training is an eight day interview. [Richard is standing up at the front of a meeting room speaking to candidates, with the following white text shown in the bottom right-hand corner "Talent Discovery Session, Candidate Support." That text is shown for the next few frames as the video shows close-ups of a few candidates in the meeting room listening to Richard.] 00:01:43 - 00:01:45 Project Narrator 1 They learn email etiquette, communication skills. 00:01:46 - 00:01:49 Rich We introduced Agile and Scrum methodologies. 00:01:50 - 00:02:06 Wayne We look for things like attention to detail and pattern recognition. We want to give them the opportunity to truly show what they're capable of. And in doing so, we can place the right candidates in the right role and make sure that they're ready to step into the client environment. 00:02:06:09 - 00:02:12 Sean When I got the call from CAI, I felt I finally had a real shot to prove myself. [enGen's office building with many square windows is shown to the left with a blue sky in the background. To the right the following white text is shown "enGen, CAI Neurodiverse Solutions Client."] [Melissa Stefanyszyn sits in an office setting on the left side of the frame, with the following white text to the right of her "Melissa Stefanyszyn, enGen, IT Manager."] 00:02:13 - 00:02:23 Melissa Stefanyszyn When we approached our team about the idea of having somebody on the autism spectrum work with us, they definitely had reservations. 00:02:24 - 00:02:29 Rich Could they handle the culture fit? The day to day responsibilities and tasks? Could they mesh with the rest of my team? [A woman is standing at the front of a meeting room, speaking to a table of 6 people, presenting a PowerPoint slide that says CAI Neurodiverse Solutions. In the bottom right-hand corner is the following white text "Neurodiversity Awareness Training, Client Support." With the white text still in the frame, the video shows the PowerPoint slide up close, Melissa and another male listening, and the woman standing at the front again speaking.] 00:02:29 - 00:02:34 Rich CAI came in before they started and gave my whole team training on what it's like to work with somebody on the spectrum. [Sandra Stefanic is sitting in an office setting on the right side of the screen with the following white text to the left of her "Sandra Stefanic, enGen, Senior Vice President - Platform, Data, and Quality (PDQ)."] 00:02:35 - 00:02:43 Sandra Stefanic But the secret sauce to the program is really what CAI does by bringing team leaders to the program with the individuals on the spectrum. 00:02:44 - 00:02:46 Rich I help coach them and mentor them. 00:02:46 - 00:02:51 Sean Rich is always there to help me. He makes sure we each get the right help we need. 00:02:52 - 00:03:02 Rich We started small with six just to see how it worked out and they quickly completed the output of the other 30 contractors. Their rework rate was less than 1% where we were at about 8% before that. 00:03:03 - 00:03:07 Sandra We can eliminate some of these statements of work. We can eliminate cost. 00:03:07 - 00:03:10 Melissa You kind of like sit back and you think, was our bar not high enough? 00:03:11 - 00:03:18 Sean The way that CAI is utilizing my strengths, I feel like I have a lot more confidence. 00:03:19 - 00:03:22 Sandra I want people that have different ideas. That's how we become successful. 00:03:23 - 00:03:27 Terri Sean just needed that confidence. He needed to build it. 00:03:28 - 00:03:33 Meghan It's just so exciting just to see him become the person that we all know him to be. 00:03:34:12 - 00:03:37 Terri Every single person has something to offer. 00:03:38 - 00:03:43 Sean I realize I don't have to be like everyone else. I just have to be me. [Train is heading into a metropolitan city on tracks over a body of water. The background image blurs as the white CAI logo and the following white text appears in the middle of the screen below the logo "To find out more about CAI Neurodiverse Solutions visit: www.cai.io/neurodiverse-solutions, Creating employment opportunities and changing lives."]


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