Organize and manage all your IT assets

Effective IT asset management (ITAM) strategy should track physical hardware assets as well as virtual and software assets. You need to understand where devices are being used, but also what programs are running on each device.

Your organization is unique—ITAM is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Off-the-shelf solutions can seem promising but usually end up creating major headaches. Our experts can help you tailor an ITAM solution for your specific requirements and give you the strategy you need.

How ITAM can help

  • Stay compliant with changing regulatory environments
  • Reinforce your cybersecurity measures
  • Identify unauthorized devices
  • Track and monitor all enterprise-connected devices
  • Deploy combative measures to protect your network

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Success story

Global company unifies IT across locations

Product manufacturer consolidates ServiceNow® for better asset management, better cost.

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Effective ITAM strategy benefits

Total IT environment control

Understand all of your hardware and software sources as well as effectively manage inventories.

Streamlined software deployment

Use a single, authorized source for new program or update downloads, remove human error and ensure all teams are using the same versions.

Hardware device visibility

Track all hardware devices (including servers, monitors, printers, etc.) and manage inventory including replacement parts.

Enterprise cost reduction

View unused resources and data for future vendor negotiations.

Enhance governance and compliance

Know details of each piece of hardware and software and ensure compliance with governance and legislative requirements.

Faster incidence resolution

Link assets between your team and service desk members and have total visibility into incidents; faster triaging and resolution.

Want more time to focus on strategic initiatives and digital transformation?

Let CAI’s experienced infrastructure team assess your IT environment and prescribe the right service mix for your situation.

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