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CAI’s Data & Analytics Solutions help the state of Georgia provide visibility to constituents and save millions of dollars.


With an annual IT budget of more than $1.2 billion and limited shared services across 100 agencies, the state of Georgia needed to determine exactly where its IT spend was going and how it might be better spent. The state needed to carefully leverage its IT dollars for its constituents and manage project risk. This responsibility falls to the Georgia Technology Authority (GTA), a state agency that collects and analyzes data about the state’s technology investments as part of managing its enterprise IT.

To do its job, GTA needed world-class governance processes, meaningful data that would help the state project management office (PMO) better predict and reduce project risk, and proactive performance management methods to improve project success.

The state’s enterprise technology investments are significant, and the GTA must make sound decisions with the state’s limited tax dollars. To do so, it needed a user-friendly way to collect data to track costs and statistics concerning application inventory, personnel resources, and hardware and software resources by agency. It also wanted to automate the processes involved in collecting, analyzing, reporting, and displaying the data.


GTA looked to CAI’s TrueProject and Advanced Management Insight (AMI) solutions to provide best practices and technical know-how that would help it drive its project governance and data collection initiatives. The result is two new agency programs: 1) the Georgia Enterprise Management Suite (GEMS) dashboard for project governance using CAI’s TrueProject solution, and 2) the State Technology Annual Report Register (STARR) that collects data regarding state agencies and government IT projects for analysis and yearly comparisons using CAI’s Advanced Management Insight solution.

GEMS dashboards use charts and objects to visualize analysis of project budgets, schedules, risk data, and scores and also integrates user-entered comments and assessment responses to enable a level of management insight not typically provided with traditional governance reporting solutions.


GEMS provides a 360-degree view of state projects using a combination of traditional, quantitative operational data and qualitative assessment data. Agency leaders can now objectively analyze projects based on business value and the probability of success. Because GEMS is a hosted, web-based application, agency leaders can access it anytime, anywhere. Stakeholders including project managers, team members, and others can offer input and review the status of a project, program, or portfolio. It analyzes the entire range of project indicators and provides easy standard monthly reporting, so leaders have improved visibility into the performance of projects, programs, and portfolios throughout their entire lifecycle.

The state’s new STARR capability enables the state to collect IT information from each agency and provide insight into potential savings opportunities. It inventories the agencies’ applications along with their associated expenses, identifying business needs, and making state security concerns visible. Dashboards display the collected information, making it easier to identify cost-effective initiatives. The data is used to develop the Annual State IT Report, which is presented to the Georgia legislature and included in the Georgia Enterprise IT Strategic Plan.

The GTA has reaped the following benefits from CAI’s disciplined project performance management solution:

  • Increased visibility, control, and governance to proactively manage projects
  • Improved financial performance, with an annual savings of more than $280 million
  • Improved quality of deliverables and timeliness of projects across the entire portfolio

The GTA also benefits from a greater understanding of IT expenditures and an improved ability to share information with state leaders, so they can make fact-based decisions about how to best allocate limited public resources for the benefit of the state. With CAI’s help, GTA can now analyze project delivery effectiveness, execute strategies to mitigate risk, improve financial performance, and identify cost-effective initiatives.

$280M Saved a year with CAI’s TrueProject and Advanced Management Insight solutions
100 Agencies sharing state IT spend
360 Degree view of state projects
2 Customized modern solutions

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