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A large state human services agency strives to improve the quality of life for families and individuals by promoting opportunities for independence through services and supports while being stewards of taxpayer dollars. The agency supports the provision of services to the state's most vulnerable individuals and families, including access to affordable healthcare, services to individuals with developmental disabilities and physical and behavioral health needs, child welfare and juvenile justice services, early childhood programs and services to low-income residents.

Because of the scope of its responsibilities, the agency sought to increase the efficiency of its business operations by streamlining processes and improving its project management capabilities.


The agency partnered with CAI to design and staff a Performance Management Office (PMO) that would support critical state-wide projects, including the launch of Medicaid expansion and managing care for individuals eligible for Medicaid and Medicare. Other projects included streamlining home and community-based waivers, supporting the implementation of child welfare system reforms, strategic planning, improving business processes across offices, and conducting feasibility studies for new program initiatives.

Since its founding in 2012, the PMO has managed more than 67 projects with budgets in excess of $8 billion. CAI provided expert project managers who were experienced in bridging IT and business operations to deliver comprehensive solutions to the agency.


The PMO has been instrumental in supporting the agency in the successful delivery of projects that increased access to health care for more than 600,000 state residents. The team also successfully delivered projects to assist in reducing the number of medical assistance deferrals, improving county funding distribution, bolstering the safety of adults in residential settings, and improving the process for securing employment for individuals with disabilities. In addition to saving significant taxpayer dollars, these projects led to enhanced services for state residents.

67+ Successful projects delivered to date
16,000 Government employees involved in our projects
1M+ Lives improved
$8B Dollars managed by PMO

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