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As organizations find more value and opportunity in data analysis, the demand for location data increases exponentially. An increasing number of services and solutions feature interactive maps that do more than just show users a location – they add context and help form decisions.

Why GIS & GPS?

Nearly every industry has opportunity to leverage GIS data, from Healthcare providers trying to understand community health patterns to public schools trying to keep their buses safe. The opportunities are nearly endless, and CAI has a broad range of experiences helping organizations get the most out of GIS, and leverage GPS in new and unexpected ways. As a partner with ESRI, the industry-leading GIS provider, CAI has access to world-class tools and technologies help our customers.

As cellular coverage continues to improve and IoT continues to permeate every industry, GIS and GPS services are becoming increasingly accurate and valuable. Cellular positioning means that the estimated 224 million smartphone users in the United States alone are generating huge amounts of data every minute.

  • Government Agencies can use GPS data to track road usage and identify problems before they are reported
  • Freight companies can take tracking all the way down to the package level, even after delivery
  • Fleets can automatically deploy help directly to a disabled vehicle, even if the driver cannot identify their location

CAI is deploying GPS and GIS solutions to track entire fleets of buses and road crews, as well as leveraging routing models to help organizations make more deliveries faster, with fewer vehicles. Our solutions are making our customers more effective, and making their staff safer.

GPS is no longer just a technology to provide drivers with directions  it is the mechanism to accurately identify the location of anything that is important to you, from vehicles to valuables to loved ones. Find out how CAI can help.

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