Internet of Things

Leverage connected devices to drive unparalleled visibility, and empower greater customer engagement.

The Internet of Things is transforming the way businesses operate and engage with their customers.

From agriculture, manufacturing, to healthcare, growing networks of internet-connected devices are enabling exciting new insights, driving automation and optimization, and facilitating greater levels of engagement with customers.

For all their promise, IoT initiatives also come with their fair share of hurdles. CAI's experience in data analytics, system integration, and software development can help your organization overcome them.

Integrating Diverse Platforms

IoT projects often require integrating disparate technology platforms: back-end data repositories, web-based front-ends, and countless connected devices. With CAI's expertise in systems integration, we can help your organization tie together all of the components necessary for a success IoT initiative.

Making Sense of All the Data

Distilling the mountains of data generated by IoT networks into actionable insights is a critical component of nearly every initiative. CAI's experience with helping customers design and build statistical and quantitative models and dashboards mean we can help your organization most effectively leverage its valuable data sets.

Driving Meaningful Outcomes

Your IoT initiatives are only as effective as the outcomes they drive. Our wide experience in product design, development, and business process improvement can help provide the framework needed to ensure your IoT project provides real value.

Don’t embark on your digital journey alone.

Let CAI help you manage your new and legacy applications, reconcile complex resource issues, consolidate IT to optimize systems, partners and resources and address barriers to innovation.

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