Competency On-demand

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Get the Right Skills at the Right Time

Have the expertise that you need when you need it – from periodic security assessments to critical skills required during a time of crisis.

Finding the right talent is challenging, with security resources in high demand. On top of this, many security roles are not required full time, making organizations question why they are facing an increased financial burden during when they are not needed. The CAI security services model provides access to experienced, high-quality talent and resources when they are needed without the full-time commitment.

Highly Competent and Experienced Resources When Needed

Penetration Testing

Specialized testing of your environment can discover hackers, subsequent vulnerabilities, and issues or gaps. Our approach not only identifies threats but also involves a human factor to determine how these can be exploited. Covering networks, applications, social engineering, and physical security, we provide experienced third-party validation of your security environment.

Preparing for & Responding to Cyberattacks

CAI is positioned to assist you in the planning and preparation of your incident response plan (IR) as well as provide much needed post-breach services. We conduct scenario exercises to determine the effectiveness of the plan. In the event of a breach, we support you with full chain-of-custody evidence collection and malware analysis to assist you during this critical time.

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)

Hiring a dedicated CISO can be a large financial investment. CAI’s virtual and shared CISO solutions provide you with access to the security expertise you need. A virtual CISO is a seasoned security practitioner who offers insight to an organization on an ongoing basis. Get professional help with cybersecurity management , asset protection, and technology acquisition without breaking the bank.

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