Roadmap to Maturity

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Take the Journey to Stronger Security

Moving your organization to a resilient defensive posture means you can continue operations regardless of cyber threats.

Protecting an organization is an ongoing process and requires a model of resilience and continuous improvement. As threat actors are improving, so should your defense. Our range of extensive capabilities means we can assist with cybersecurity needs that traditional providers can not. We can help you balance your increasing risks and costs and reduce the potential impact on your business.

Build Resilience and Maintain Your Cyber Posture

Creating the Security Roadmap

Where do you want to take the state of cybersecurity in your organization? The security roadmap will show you the way. CAI will work with you to develop this comprehensive plan to reach the desired future state. We are your full-service partner, working with you to create the overall strategic vision, determining the individual projects, and executing the roadmap. We can help you build and implement your path to greater cybersecurity .

Advanced Threat Assessments

Individual penetration tests and controls review do well to meet regulatory compliance. But malicious actors are not single threaded. CAI can help you develop and execute real-world simulations and assessments that address these threats. Red teams, incident response scenarios, and plans to counter advanced threats not only help meet compliance but also provide insight to the overall security posture of the organization.

Secure Managed Services

Maintaining your resilience against cyber threats is vital to your business operations. CAI helps you scale security and compliance through innovative technology and services. Whether you need a security operations center, managed detection and response, or a security-as-a-service solution, we partner with you to improve your security posture and protect your operations.

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