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Security...You Don't Have to Say "Can't" Anymore

Organizations often are forced to make tough choices. Where do I allocate my time and money? Where is my biggest risk? Leaders worry about the same threats that are driving demand and supply. Is there a way to share services, resources, and costs? How do you balance dollars and potential impact for a win-win situation? Our analysis has shown you can improve your security posture without driving costs through the roof. CAI’s best-of-breed shared services model changes the game, so you now can say “yes we can.”

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Security you Can Afford

CAI delivers cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions, skills and expertise to public and private organizations. We know your budgets are tight, and we help you prioritize security initiatives to get the biggest bang for the budget.

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Competency On-demand

CAI security services provide the services and flexibility you need through a managed and shared services delivery model. You get access to top talent without paying for the entire resource or service.

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Roadmap to Maturity

CAI’s extensive range of capabilities means we can assist with cybersecurity needs that traditional providers do not. We know how to balance the increasing risks and costs while reducing the potential impact on your business.

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Improving Your Security Posture

Security Consulting & Managed Services

Protect your system against vulnerabilities, technical issues, or security gaps with CAI’s cybersecurity consulting and managed services. Our cybersecurity analysts work with you directly to map out security solutions that align with your most important criteria, including impact, timing, resource availability, deployment, and financial considerations.

Full-service Cybersecurity Lifecycle

CAI’s comprehensive cybersecurity lifecycle includes assessment, governance, planning, building, running, management, and administration. Using your customized cybersecurity roadmap, we help you implement the right features at the correct times at a pace that makes sense for your organization, all while aligning with the availability of internal resources.

Key Role Staffing

IT and cybersecurity require specialists serving in key roles for operations and management. Many organizations do not have a need or the budget for these positions to be full-time roles. CAI offers this expertise on a consistent but as-needed basis, allowing for dedicated professionals when required.

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Protecting Citizens, Operations, and Data

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