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Service Desk Solutions by CAI - Improve Customer Satisfaction and Reduce Costs

Increasing first-call resolution saves money by getting people back on track faster.

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Shift Left for Savings

The service desk is a necessary part of any technology organization, but many end users dread calling the help desk. Partial resolutions, long wait times, and poor results plague many service desk experiences. CAI's service desk solutions help organizations "shift left" to focus on resolving the first call. This improves first-call resolution rates by as much as 90% and reduces the cost of escalating to expensive resources.

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Service Desk Automation

Improving IT helpdesk operations is about continual improvement. Many of the most common issues and processes can be automated. Password resets, software access, and other time-consuming requests no longer need intervention from the service desk. CAI helps clients identify prime candidates for automation and implement digital solutions, reducing the time to resolution.

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The Service Desk Platform

A successful methodology must have a robust platform to support process improvement. Your service desk personnel need the tools and information at their fingertips to solve problems fast. ServiceNow is the premier service management platform to deliver highly effective end-user support. CAI is an elite ServiceNow partner, delivering highly efficient solutions for our clients. We also support HP Service Manager and BMC Remedy.

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Why Are Service Desk Metrics So Important?

Why Focus on the Service Desk?

Reducing High-Cost Escalations

Customers call for support hoping to resolve their issue on the first try. Level-one support is staffed with lower-cost resources to manage the volume of calls. Escalating calls to level-two support bumps the call to a higher pay grade and increases the cost of resolution. But level-one support can effectively manage routine and complex requests with the right resources and documentation.

At CAI, we help clients document, implement, and measure call volumes and call types, and systematically manage more complex issues with a 90+% first-call resolution rate.

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Improve Customer Satisfaction

Customers hesitate to call the IT support help desk. The experience can be frustrating with long wait times. The industry average end-user satisfaction for the service desk is 84%, according to Gartner, with only 76% of calls resolved on the first attempt. And, for many end-users, the service desk is the only IT interaction they have. The IT department may be great, but a lousy service desk soils your reputation.

CAI works with clients to boost customer satisfaction to over 90%. We answer 80% of calls in 30 seconds or less. We make sure customer experience improves with rapid response and resolution.

Keep End-Users Working

Getting and keeping customers working is our priority. People sitting on a help desk call cannot manage, sell, serve citizens, or do any number of important activities. Productivity suffers. Getting employees and customers back to work fast not only saves money but keeps the organizational gears turning.

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