Financial Services

Evolving in the Age of Digital

Accelerating Digital Inspiration

Financial services firms and insurance companies are dependent on the flux of the economy, forcing a continual need for evolution and innovation. Now is the time to gain a competitive edge. Implementing new technologies and reducing technical debt are core initiatives, according to Gartner. We help financial services organizations find new opportunities, reduce operational overhead, and deliver new tools and skills in the digital age.

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Retail Banking

Delivering an exceptional digital experience is now the expectation of your customers. Banks need to leverage artificial intelligence, analytics, and machine learning to find new customers, growth opportunities, and cost savings. The road to success starts with creative thinking and a focus on improving operations to free your trapped collective intelligence.

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The payment market is crowded with new entrants. Nearly a quarter of financial services firms in the U.S. are leveraging digital payments*. The challenge is providing easy-to-use payment options for new and existing customers as they adopt digital payments, making transactions simple and secure. Improving digital payment offerings with artificial intelligence is core to your success. *Gartner 2019

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Lending Organizations

Looking ahead is key for lenders to identify new opportunities and risks and get a leg up on the competition. With predictive analytics and AI, you can gain visibility into your customers' point-in-time financial status so you can tailor the right products and services. CAI helps clients shift from reactive to proactive–reducing technical debt and unlocking fresh perspectives.

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All In with AI

Analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) are game-changing technologies. Financial services and insurance companies see the potential of predictive analytics and AI but lack the skills and experience to execute their full value. New technologies don't stand alone–they require data collection and analysis to inform new insights, seize opportunities, and identify risks.

CAI helps financial services and insurance companies define their AI initiatives to improve customer intelligence and reap the benefits of digitization.

Hyper-automation Moves the Needle

Most banks and insurance companies have implemented automation or robotic process automation (RPA). Hyper-automation builds on the capabilities of RPA, AI, machine learning, analytics, and other integration technologies to drive cost out of the system–up to 18%–according to Gartner. And the savings from operational improvements fuel additional innovation projects, accelerating your transformation.

CAI helps organizations implement hyper-automation to reduce manual processes, eliminate redundancy, and increase operational velocity.

Crazy about Efficiency

Modernizing core systems is a priority for banks and insurance companies. Critical resources and institutional knowledge of processes, procedures, and policies are typically locked down. To unleash your digital transformation, you need to free up your people to support innovative projects, modernize your systems and increase efficiency.

CAI can help your organization reduce technical debt, operational costs, and on-going support of applications and the user base. We are crazy about efficiency; we can drive up to 40% of operational costs out of the system.

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