Technology at the heart of manufacturing.

New technologies constantly reshape retail in unexpected ways. In an industry with extremely aggressive margins, small advantages can yield huge returns.

Technological advances are simplifying and enhancing the customer experience, and retailers have no choice but continuously improve to retain and gain customers. While self-checkouts at physical stores were a major step forward when they were introduced, in the short time since then the customer experience has continued to change dramatically.

Drive Retail Innovation with Technology

Retailers who want a seamless experience for their customers will need technology partners who can help them modernize the entire retail cycle, from stocking to selling to delivering. CAI’s deep systems integration and development expertise let us help you keep your business at the leading edge of the customer experience.

  • 50% of consumers use mobile apps to compare prices, download coupons, check product availability, and complete purchases
  • Alternative checkout methods are improving the speed and ease of in-store experiences
  • Localized delivery accounts for an increasing percentage of total sales, with fewer customers ever entering a store in metropolitan areas
  • Chatbots are making omnichannel retailing more affordable

Web Service APIs

Integrate the entire supply chain to deliver goods as fast as possible with the highest level of transparency.


Simplify the user’s mobile experience to increase engagement and shorten the purchase cycle.


Build loyalty and keep your customers engaged between the common touch points with 24/7 support services.

Don’t embark on your digital journey alone.

Let CAI help you manage your new and legacy applications, reconcile complex resource issues, consolidate IT to optimize systems, partners and resources and address barriers to innovation.

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