Transportation & Tolling

Transforming Operations, Technology, and Your Vision

Balancing the Transportation Equation: Budget and Safety

Value and safety are key priorities of any transportation, tolling, or transit agency. The daily goal is keeping citizens moving and safe. The challenges are increased traffic, rising maintenance costs, and a plethora of new technologies to choose from to maximize your aging infrastructure. It's truly a balancing act. How do you avoid being stifled by your existing solutions and requirements of single-source support? You need unbiased expertise and IT operations capabilities to help you take a step back and evaluate systems, proposed solutions, and the right technologies to accelerate digital transformation and better citizen outcomes.

Strategy and Consulting

Your ability to meet the growing demands of your constituents and stakeholders is weakened by operational inefficiency, legacy systems, over-engineered solutions, limited data collection, and outdated processes. As technology evolves, you can shift your operating model to thrive in today’s fast-changing world.

CAI partners with transportation, tolling, and mass transit agencies to develop and deliver business solutions while supporting effective planning, operational transformation, and technology implementation and integration. We help you create your vision and make it a working reality.

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End-to-end Program Implementation and Operations

Translating your organizational strategy into action requires a broad range of capabilities and a mindset of continuous improvement. Organizational solutions can be constrained by historic decisions and limited by single-provider perspectives. Transforming operational models must start with a methodology developed to implement meaningful change.

CAI partners with transportation, tolling, and mass transit agencies to identify opportunities to improve efficiency and implement new processes and technologies. Our technology-agnostic approach offers all the help your agency needs to succeed – from field operations through the back office.

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Managed Application and Technology Services

Citizens have grown to expect cutting-edge technology in transportation. They seek sleek, cloud-hosted mobile and web systems, traffic management solutions driven by artificial intelligence, all-electronic tolling, and much more. The challenge is that agencies must find ways to leverage these technologies without neglecting existing business-critical solutions.

CAI’s Managed Application and Technology Services teams can help you modernize your business technology and support your agency in ongoing innovation. Our clients transform to solve the most challenging issues facing the transportation, tolling, and transit industries.

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Business Solutions for the Real World

Success Story

Simplifying and Improving Oversize and Overweight permitting

State transportation department gets custom application for high-volume permitting of oversize and overweight loads.

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Success Story

Paving the Road to the Future

Serving citizens faster with smart application management.

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Success Story

Saving Millions by Streamlining Contract Bidding

State transportation agency gets custom application for high-volume engineering and construction bids.

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The CAI Transportation & Tolling Difference

Practical and Effective Strategy Implementation

Developing and implementing a transformational strategy is a balancing act: on one hand, your plan should lay out a bold vision for the future; on the other, it must be practical. CAI partners with clients to strike a balance that allows them to evolve their organization. Our approach provides you with transparency throughout the process and the resources you need to make your vision a reality. With CAI, you get our A-Team from inception to completion.

Resource Quality Management

We recognize that people are the most significant variable in any team's performance – the right resources can propel transformation, allowing teams to meet and exceed expectations. CAI’s roots in service delivery and our comprehensive approach to staff development allow us to build and organize the right team for any transformation initiative. Our people will deliver the quality outcomes you expect.

Integration of Technology and Operations

Transportation, tolling, and transit business operations depend on enabling technology solutions than ever before. As the business and IT become increasingly intertwined, we recognize the efficiencies we can drive by breaking down silos and adhering to a technology-agnostic approach. CAI’s experience spans field operations and back-office support coupled with construction and maintenance of the full ecosystem of technology solutions that make those operations possible. We speak both languages, and we can help you execute a digital transformation that harnesses technology to streamline your business.

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Transforming Operations, Technology, and Your Vision

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