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Strategic Support to Free Your Core Resources to Innovate

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Delivering Efficiency and Innovation

The Support You Need to Transform and Innovate

Your existing technology solutions power and support your day-to-day operations, whether tolling systems to collect money, passenger systems to manage fares, or permitting solutions to keep cargo moving. But keeping these solutions running crowds out other priorities, consuming, on average, 78% of the budget available to transportation agencies. Adding new technology to meet citizen expectations is nearly impossible. At CAI, our experts help agencies rebalance their budget, free critical staff to innovate, modernize legacy systems, and streamline day-to-day operations.

Increasing Application and Technology Efficiency

Streamlining for Operational Effectiveness

In most organizations, processes evolve but retain old, outdated steps and requirements and accrue complexity. This constant march can suffocate your critical people under mountains of low-value and time-consuming work, causing maintenance costs to escalate year over year. CAI helps agencies identify and reduce this waste, streamlining processes, and freeing your staff to focus on higher-value initiatives. Our methodology reduces operational costs by 20–40%, helping you free up funds that can be reallocated to valuable work.

Modernizing your Legacy

One of the biggest challenges is modernizing legacy systems. Solutions built years – if not decades – ago are costly to maintain, with knowledge and experience retiring at a record pace. Many organizations find themselves in a catch 22, with no budget remaining to replace systems because the systems are so costly to operate. Our teams will work with your agency to strike a balance, supporting your legacy systems effectively while freeing up the capacity to incrementally modernize them.

Eliminating Manual Process

Labor is one of the largest budget items for transportation and tolling agencies. While manual processes are often the glue that connects systems where decisions are required to process data, they are also expensive and time-consuming. CAI's expertise in artificial intelligence and automation can help you eliminate many manual processes, shifting resources to higher-value operations while improving quality and accuracy.

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Strategic Support to Free your Core Resources to Innovate

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