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Accelerating the Pace of Change

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Shifting the Operating Model

Modernizing your Transportation and Toll Operations

Transportation and tolling operations are not keeping pace with congestion and technology. The demands and expectations of citizens, stakeholders, and politicians continue to increase, with existing procedures, legacy systems, and processes expected to evolve to meet the growing demand. CAI blends experience, IT process know-how, and field expertise to help transportation and tolling agencies transform to meet the challenge. We deliver solutions, services, and continuous improvement to accelerate your digital transformation for better citizen outcomes.

Building a Vision of the Future

Strategy Development

Changing the status quo starts with a strategic direction and vision. Transportation and tolling agencies struggle to elevate from day-to-day operations so they can develop a plan to transform. CAI partners with clients to build a vision and strategy to meet the expectations of digital transformation today and the demand for tomorrow.

The Legacy Systems Journey

Your legacy systems support critical processes, but graying resources, outdated technologies, and high maintenance costs will handcuff your organization if it doesn't have an effective modernization strategy. CAI helps clients create a roadmap to capitalize on digital transformation opportunities while reducing the cost of support.

Strategic Program Management

Capital and operational planning require functional oversight to monitor strategy implementation. Many organizations struggle to select the right projects to support their vision. CAI helps clients develop an enterprise strategy, set priorities, and establish project management offices to transform their goals into action.

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Accelerating the Pace of Change

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