Highmark Improves Diversity and Productivity with CAI Neurodiverse Solutions

Highmark and CAI partner to improve the software testing capabilities 50%+ enhancing productivity and quality

Create employment opportunities and change lives

CAI Neurodiverse Solutions pairs qualified neurodivergent candidates, including those on the autism spectrum, with permanent employment in carefully matched jobs in IT and business operations.

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Increasing Productivity with Neurodivergent Individuals

Neurodivergent individuals are an untapped talent pool with over 80% - 90% unemployed. Their attention to detail, problem solving capability, and loyalty to a routine are ideal for many positions within an organization. CAI prepares both the employees and you the employer for a successful program.

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Three resumes; a target points to the middle one representing selection of the right people for right role

Building a career with CAI Neurodiverse Solutions

Showcasing your abilities is challenging for neurodivergent individuals. At CAI, we help you surface your capabilities to build a great career in IT, legal, accounting, and other disciplines within an organization. We train, mentor, and help you find that start you need to become a valued contributor.

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