Achieving IT service management optimization for the hospitality industry

Success story for application development and ServiceNow®. CAI helps a vacation planning company optimize and streamline its service desk operations.

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Seeking an enhanced employee experience in hospitality

A resort operator and vacation property management company has been offering unique vacation experiences at popular destinations across the U.S. and Caribbean for over 25 years. Prior to the pandemic, the company was looking for ways to optimize its service desk operation from an employee experience and performance metrics perspective.

The strain of legacy IT and rising ticket volumes

The vacation property management company was using a legacy IT service management ticketing platform. Understanding trends to reduce the number of tickets and managing their 3rd party provider was becoming increasingly difficult with this platform. Ticket volumes were continuing to rise, along with costs.

The company had been a CAI client since 2014, and there was already a solid history of service improvement and delivery excellence in the applications area. Because of this, they decided to look to CAI for options on how to update the service management platform and improve service without exceeding their budget.

Improved service for employees and customers with ServiceNow

CAI proposed an outsourced Level 1/Level 2 service desk, leveraging CAI’s shared managed service provider (MSP) ServiceNow platform with a dedicated domain configured specifically for this client. The service desk provides Level 1 and 2 support to corporate employees, resorts, and call centers. As part of the contract, CAI agreed to specific service level agreements (SLAs) and a shared reward program to drive down ticket volume through trend analysis, automation, and problem resolution.

This transition began in February 2020 and was moved to a fully remote service in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the challenges this posed, the transition was completed on time with CAI taking on 100% of the contacts (calls and emails) in April 2020.

ServiceNow platform administration and upgrades are included in CAI’s shared MSP service. CAI performs two upgrades per year, including all testing, to stay current with the platform, per ServiceNow recommendations. CAI also provides a full metrics package and monthly review analyzing trends and recommendations for increasing first-level response (FLR) and reducing overall contact volume.

Achieving optimal IT service management

CAI’s impact on the company’s IT service management (ITSM) has been very positive. After the first year, CAI was able to reduce the baseline contact volume by 13% through proactive measures, bringing greater cost savings and overall efficiency to the ticketing process.

First-level resolution increased to 79.2% in 2022, achieved through a combination of service desk education, a shift left mentality, and reducing escalations to the network team and level two teams. This helped resolve issues faster and improve the user experience.

In addition, level two service request fulfillment time dropped by 60%+ and incident resolution decreased by 50% due to increased visibility, better tracking, and expanded education of the Level 1 team. A comprehensive knowledge base was developed in ServiceNow that continues to be updated on a regular basis, setting the company up for continued success at its service desk.

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