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CAI helps a Pennsylvania county law enforcement branch revolutionize data collection, sharing, and analysis to better resolve crimes and investigations.

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CAI application management solutions resolve data collection issues for law enforcement

In 2011, a county in eastern Pennsylvania sought to develop a software system as the basis of a regional criminal investigative center that would integrate local, state, and federal data resources and allow law enforcement officials to store, analyze, report, and share information.

The county turned to CAI to design a secure, web-based solution for the county's Regional Intelligence and Investigation Center (RIIC), which opened in 2013. Developed using Agile methodology, the custom RIIC software streamlines law enforcement’s ability to post, analyze, and search for data across departments and agencies at the local, state, and federal levels, replacing cumbersome paper files. The program gives more than 1,200 authorized users access to local police incidents, arrests, and county prison records and contains a daily log where crime analysts and investigators can post news and bulletins, including case law, missing persons, and safety information in a single secured user interface.

The system has been expanded with additional functions that include a gang tracking application and an opioid use application. Future expansion will include the use of artificial intelligence to analyze the incident and arrest records to identify potential human trafficking connections.

The center offers investigative case support, strategic analysis, and situational awareness to law enforcement in two neighboring Pennsylvania counties. The technology platform provides a centralized system for better communication and collaboration of criminal activity throughout the county to keep law enforcement and the community safer. The system also connects to adjacent regional information systems to monitor activity in other regions that may impact the RIIC service area.

The RIIC recently engaged a joint effort with Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), the intelligence and investigative arm of the United States Department of Homeland Security.  HSI will be using the gang tracking application to support intelligence and investigative efforts for domestic and international gang activity.

By working with CAI to develop a secure system, the county has revolutionized the way local law enforcement officials collect, share, and analyze data to solve crimes. CAI’s RIIC solution has allowed law enforcement officers to solve three homicides and other violent and non-violent crimes throughout the region.

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